Sunny days 76

“Are you still up for taking the kids to Disney?” Chris asks DeShawn as they sunbathe and watch the kids build sandcastles. “Totally, I’d love it.” DeShawn grins. “What are you two smiling at?” Gervais asks flopping down next to them. “Disney, you still up for it?” Chris asks. “Yes, absolutely. Nash deserves a big treat.” Gervais says. “Awesome, I’ll look at options later.” Chris … Continue reading Sunny days 76

Sunny days 74

Blue, Ocean and DeShawn have a road trip to the beach house to get it ready for everyone. The rest are flying over and renting cars at the airport. Bastian and Nash are excited because Luke and Cammie are coming too and Ash is feeling a little left out. Liam spots this at the airport and feeling left out himself approaches. “Will you sit with … Continue reading Sunny days 74

The suite saga TNG 26

“Are you fucking kidding me. Croyde I thought you were a friend and Ash, you are so much better than this.” Preston shouts utterly bewildered.   “What’s going on?” Jago asks coming out. “These two pretending I’m the problem when they’re fucking behind my back.” Preston shouts.   Malik looks at Jago, and Jago looks back, they both smirk and can’t stop the giggles, something … Continue reading The suite saga TNG 26