Sunny days 154

Aaron, Brett, DeShawn, Evan, Liam and Parker are travelling to Arizona to watch Luis in the final four basketball tournament. They are all crazy excited to support Luis. Aaron is so glad they are friends again and is determined to be the loudest in the arena. Liam and Aaron have bought Parker his ticket with their airline points, to make sure he can take a … Continue reading Sunny days 154

Sunny days 153

Blue spends the next couple of days running around like a mad thing, organizing flights, sorting people to cover his shifts, recording videos with Andy so there is plenty of material for when he’s away. He tells all his friends he is going on vacation, he’s got a good last-minute deal and just wants some time out before Ocean’s competition season ramps up.   “Are … Continue reading Sunny days 153

Sunny days 152

“I need a seffs hat.” Bastian says to Blue as he mixes cake batter. “A what?” Blue asks not able to decipher what Bastian is asking. “A seffs hat, like Ollie.” Bastian says. “A chef’s hat, oh we will have to keep a look out to see if they make them for little heads.” Blue says his heart melting into a puddle. “Cammie’s here, Cammie’s … Continue reading Sunny days 152

Sunny days 151

“I feel super entitled even proposing this. But Blue and Andy have been encouraging me and I need a fresh challenge.” Katelyn says to Robin, she arrived the night before and is staying in Andy and Spence’s apartment at the hotel. “Katelyn, go on, get it out.” Robin grins. “In short. I want you to hire me, to head up your women’s division and let … Continue reading Sunny days 151

Sunny days 150

“These are amazing. How did you get my graduation? And with Ocean and Cheryl? I love all of them. I cannot thank you enough.” Blue says. “There’s more.” Katelyn says from the laptop, she insisted Andy let her see  Blue’s reaction. “These are just the best ones. Here is a general album of great snaps. Roe got so many people to contribute, that’s where your … Continue reading Sunny days 150