Ocean Blue 78

“Fleece you? Come on what paranoid delusions are you having now?” Gervais asks rolling his eyes. “I agreed to split Abby’s inheritance with you, we split the cash and as we’ve sold proceeds from properties have been split. But the properties are not selling. Spence and I have mystery shopped and we can’t get appointments to view, outright offers to buy are rejected. They are … Continue reading Ocean Blue 78

Ocean Blue 77

“He could do it.” Gervais says to George. “You think?” George asks. “He’s in second, his best event is last.” Gervais says. “But the guy in first has vault to go and that always scores higher.” George says. “Still second is amazing. He should still make it right?” Gervais says. “Who knows.” George says.   “You think he can do it?” Blue asks. “No, they’ve … Continue reading Ocean Blue 77

Ocean Blue 76

“I think Ocean needs his own bed tonight. You can come in with me.” Blue says. “I’ll take the sofa, it’s fine.” Will says. “My bed is huge.” Blue says. “Maybe you should have asked Kayden back.” Will says. “Why are you mad? I don’t like him like that.” Blue says. “Maybe you should.” Will says. “See you tomorrow.” Blue says sadly. “Blue I saw … Continue reading Ocean Blue 76