The engagement 15

Peter is being secretive about what he’s doing about the video. I know he’s working with Gavin on something and I’m letting him be but I’m worried, as I always am when he’s keeping something from me. On Sunday we all gather for the screening. “How was Eric?” I ask Brian. “Not great, he is finding recovery difficult. With the show they are back on … Continue reading The engagement 15

The Engagement 14

I wake alone for the first time in ages. Tom’s prediction about Peter sleeping for a long time was clearly off. I follow my nose to the kitchen where Peter has bread baking and a half drunk pot of coffee in front of him. “What you up to?” I ask gently. “I’m making a list. Thanks so much for last night. I feel so good … Continue reading The Engagement 14

The engagement 13

“It isn’t me trying to ruin you, silly.” I laugh.   “Babe I know that. I mean it could be someone from your tour. Let me check your laptop.” Peter says.   “Of course.” I say getting him set up.   “Well you really liked the solos.” He says with a smirk.   “I did. I watched them, I watched your TV interview online all … Continue reading The engagement 13

The engagement 12

“Come on let’s go.” Peter says.   “Where?” I ask amused at his enthusiasm.   “To the beach, we need to play pirates, we forgot yesterday.” Peter says gathering up some towels and water bottles.   “Sounds good. It’s a beautiful day again.” I say.   Peter skips ahead of me and clambers down the path quickly. He looks so alive, so relaxed. We two … Continue reading The engagement 12

The engagement part 11

The following weekend we have everyone round for dinner again. Tom is grilling out on the deck so Peter and I can relax. We are wrapped up together on a lounger when the others arrive. “You two are adorable.” Gavin says as he comes through with Felix and Harry. “Vomit.” Felix laughs. “Like you two are not just as sickly.” Peter laughs. “How do you … Continue reading The engagement part 11

The engagement part 10

“Shit, shit shit.” Tom says coming in after his shower.   “What’s up?” I ask.   “I totally ruined dinner, can you not smell the smoke? I forgot to turn the oven down when I got in the shower.” Tom says and we are all laughing as the others arrive.   “Sorry we’ll have to order in.” I say handing out drinks.   “I’m totally … Continue reading The engagement part 10