Alexander Sophomore Spring 6

“Are you going to go?” I ask Peter. “I don’t know.” Peter says. “Do you need me to go with you?” I ask. “Dad asked that I go alone.” Peter says looking down. “Maybe you should. We’ll put us on hold until we’re back at school.” I say. “Yeah. You should have some fun.” Peter says. “Will you be okay?” I ask. “I want to … Continue reading Alexander Sophomore Spring 6

Alexander Sophomore Spring 5

We’re all ready to party. We’ve all been drinking and we’re dressed in very little as we head out to the club. It’s pretty crowded but doesn’t take too long to get inside. “Holy shit!” Shouts Jay pointing at a sign. “Shit!” I say. Max is hosting tonight. “We’ll have to be nice, or I will.” I say to Jay, he nods back. Peter comes … Continue reading Alexander Sophomore Spring 5