The suite saga 64

Saturday the guys all fuss around getting ready pretending to be occupied in things other than preening and doing last minute exercise.

Blue leaves George to his preening and visits with Robin.

“You have a date tonight?” Blue asks.

“No, I thought I’d hang out for the drinking part of the night and then pass out so I don’t hear any grunting.” Robin laughs.

“Sounds like a plan.” Blue says.

“Tonight not your thing?” Robin asks.

“Not in any way. I love sex, I love cock and cute butts but I don’t want to see George and Spence at it. I really don’t want to see Gervais with anyone. I have been feeling extra insecure ever since George accepted the invite. I worry I could lose him.” Blue says.

“You sound upset about that.” Robin says.

“What do you mean? Of course I’m upset. Andy and Spence are imploding and Spence is going to swoop in and I’m going to be alone again and have to watch everyone else be happy. If I can’t keep George who was crazy about me, well I have no hope of ever having a relationship that last more than a few weeks.” Blue says.

“Are you worried about losing George or at having another failed relationship?” Robin asks.

“Both. I really like George. I know you guys don’t believe me but it’s true.” Blue says.

“Does he know? If he is secure with you then Spence won’t have a chance. Stop whining and giving up and go make him know he’s yours.” Robin says hustling Blue out the room.

“I really don’t want you to fuck Spence tonight.” Blue says walking back into his room.

“Is that what this is all about? It’s his birthday so I think something is required.” George says.

“Well don’t expect me to take you back in the morning.” Blue says.

“Are you serious?” George asks.

“Yes. I hate this whole situation. I hate that you announced you wanted to fuck other people in front of all our friends without even mentioning it to me first. If you want to be with Spence then have the good manners to dump me first.” Blue says.

“Okay.” George says and Blue leaves not sure where to go or what to do.

“Blue, wait, Blue!” George shouts running after him.

“Leave me be.” Blue says.

“Please, let’s go talk on the roof.” George says.

“Okay.” Blue says confused.

“When I said okay, I meant okay I won’t go near Spence not okay we should break up. What have I ever done to make you feel this insecure?” George asks as they sit together on a lounger.

“I’m sorry. Its when you agreed to go to the party it seemed like you were taking your chance to be with Spence, just like you did with me and Gervais.” Blue says.

“I have told you a million times that I am not into Spence.” George says.

“But he likes you and he’s so good looking and he has so much more to offer than I ever can.” Blue says.

“You know that I love you right? I know we don’t say it but I do. I am so utterly in love with you that no one else registers, not their muscles or face or bank balance. I loved you from afar before I knew you and up close you are so much better. I love you Blue and I will fight and fight to keep you.” George says.

“So why do you want to go tonight?” Blue asks.

“I think it will be fun. Anything I do or don’t do won’t mean anything. I’m not suddenly going to kiss Spence and run off with him. I am not Gervais and your kisses make me go weak in a way Spence’s never could.” George says.

“I love you too. I know it might seem that I’m not always all in but I am. I don’t want to lose you.

Blue says and George is filled with joy.

‘Really?” George asks.

“You know its true. I might be keeping you at arm’s length but you keep slipping closer. You treat me so well and we have such fun together. I need to stop looking at what I’ve lost and be glad it lead to you.” Blue says.

“That’s right. I know I can’t live up to what you had but f I’m lower maintenance and easier to read.” George grins.

“Yes you are. We’re happy and I need to remember just how great that is. And if you want to have fun tonight, go have fun. As long as you’re in my bed tomorrow night.” Blue says.

“Oh I will be. Every night.” George says squeezing Blue tightly. Blue leans back and swings round pulling George on top of him as he goes. They make out softly, happy to be together and in love.

The two walk back to the suite all smiles hand in hand and Blue watches as George gets ready.

“Are you sure you won’t come?” George asks.

“I might come watch you later, I’m sure it will be hot.” Blue says lying back on their bed.

“You’re trying to tempt me to stay, looking all hot like that.” George smiles.

“How do we do this?” Andy asks.

“More drinking.” George says.

“Oh you want to be sober when my big black cock is sliding in.” DeShawn laughs.

“I can’t believe I’m finally going to get my hands on your cute ass.” Dylan says.

“Ew no.” George says.

“Uh yeah, consent still required.” Elliot says..

“Blanket consent from me, I just wanna bend over and take as many of you as I can.” Spence says with a sigh. Andy looks at his slutty boyfriend and grins, he always loves watching Spence get fucked.

“Sounds great but you’ll need opening up by someone smaller and I need some help here, hot as the situation is.” DeShawn says feeling good.

George surprising himself sinks to his knees in front of DeShawn.

Gervais looks round for Blue’s reaction and seeing he’s not here goes to his room while the others get warmed up.

“How come you’re not joining in?” Gervais asks.

“I don’t want to see my boyfriend or my ex with other people. I’m just a prude.” Blue shrugs.

“That’s not true but I get you. It’s hot but I am not excited by it for myself.” Gervais says.

“I miss being able to talk to you about stuff.” Blue says.

“Do you think we’re ready because I miss talking to you too.” Gervais admits.

“I promise to keep my clothes on and not touch you.” Blue says and Gervais sits next to him on the bed.

“Oh you can hug me, I think we should be secure enough in our relations ships for that.” Gervais says.

“So I can kiss your cheek hello but not here.” Blue says running his finger down Gervais neck from the back of his eat to his collarbone.

“Deal.” Gervais says kissing Blue’s cheek.

“So what’s up? Issues with Chris?” Blue asks.

“Not directly. I uh, I’ve kept most of my past to myself so I can’t talk to him about somethings and I could talk to Robin but he’s always off with girls or Jesse but he doesn’t know everything the way you, Robin and Andy do and it’s clear Andy has enough going on.” Gervais says.

“So you’re pretty cured of most you hang ups.” Blue says.

“Around sex for sure, you fixed me without knowing and I didn’t hold back on my travels. Those shits don’t rule my sexlife any more.” Gervais smiles.

“But you’re still a top.” Blue says.

“Hell yes. I am so lucky Chris is uh similar to you a hung bottom my favourite type.” Gervais says.

“Way, way TMI.” Blue laughs.

“I was in a funk earlier and I couldn’t work it out. I think birthdays are a weird thing for me.” Gervais says.

“Because of your dad?” Blue asks.

“Yes. I got thinking about everything and wondered if maybe he always made an effort to be there for my birthday not because it was my birthday but because he was commemorating my moms death.” Gervais says.

“Oh honey. I don’t know what to say.” Blue says putting his arm round Gervais to hug him and grabbing a tissue to wipe his tears with his free hand.

“This is why I miss you.” Gervais says.

“What the mental breakdowns.” Blue laughs.

“No, just having someone I can cry with and not worry what they think of my batshit paranoia.” Gervais says.

“You’re not batshit, it’s a valid theory. I miss this.” Blue says.

“The mental breakdowns.” Gervais smiles up at Blue.

“Having someone to take care of. We went through so much but even in the good times you’d let me take care of you, even now I know I can leave an extra portion of food in the fridge with a note for you. Sorry if it’s weird when I do it.” Blue says.

“I appreciate it every time, whether it’s you making extra, on purpose or if you bring something I like back from Cheryl. Does George not like you taking care of him, it’s my favourite thing about you.” Gervais says.

“I guess I was so vulnerable when we got together that he was the strong one and he’s pretty independent. I can bake for him but it’s not the same as I don’t know wrapping you up after a shower.” Blue says.

“He’s missing out. I guess Andy is getting a lot of that right now. You don’t have to stay with George. Just like the sky didn’t fall in when you split with Austin.” Gervais says.

“I love George. He has so much going for him and I enjoy Bing with him. I am mad jealous that he’s out there tonight and not here with me.” Blue says.

“You love him?” Gervais asks quietly.

“We said it today. We said it today and he’s out there getting fucked by someone who isn’t me and hurts so much.” Blue says.

“He doesn’t deserve you. I wish, I wish I could make you see that you deserve a guy who is a perfect fit. Not someone messed up like me, not a guy who can leave you upset so casually.” Gervais says.

“I need you around to kick my ass.” Blue says.

“I’ll be there. We need each other and we can do it platonically. We can.” Gervais says hugging his friend and finally feeling like they are just friends. Thy put some music on to block out their friends and chill together in the way they used to.

The action in the other room is at boiling point, Spence is bent over one end of the table and Jesse the other, Elliot is fucking Spence while Dylan is giving it to Jesse. Elliot and Jesse lock eyes for the whole fuck, unable to look away from their partners, not sure how much they are turned on and how much they are jealous.

Elliot pulls out and swoops down the room to claim Jesse for himself.

On the floor Deke is being pummelled by DeShawn and loving it. His legs high in the air. With Jesse taken Dylan comes back over and Deke is soon sucking on Dylan’s cock and driving DeShawn wild.

DeShawn leans in and whispers to Deke “Wanna flip?”

Deke moves away from Dylan and nods, then breaks into a hug grin as DeShawn starts sucking him harder.

DeShawn on his back Deke takes his time, marvelling at the fine muscular body in front of him glistening with sweat, droplets running down his abs. Deke slowly runs his hands over he muscular mound of ass and sighs, this is going to be fun.

DeShawn is curious about all the guys, he loves how they are all confident with what they have and no one is shying away from showing their pleasure. Taking Spence and George earlier was incredible but Deke is the one showing the most enthusiasm.

“Oh man what are you doing? That feels soooo good, fuck yeah, so good.” DeShawn gasps. His spot is a little deeper than some guys and Deke has no trouble working it out, giving more pleasure than DeShawn has ever known.

Andy is teasing Spence, his hand on his back so he can’t get up from the table, while he makes out with George. Spence is jealous, frustrated and so turned on at the way Andy is humbling him.

“I want you both.” Spence groans.

“You think you deserve that?” Andy asks.

“I want you both inside me together.” Spence moans, he has never felt sluttier and feels so ready, his ass has taken so much tonight but he wants more.

“You want to try?” Andy asks George.

“Hell yes, you think we can do it?” George asks utterly excited.

“Oh yeah, grab some pillows.” Andy says.

They arrange Spence and Andy enters first, Spence moans, no one turns him on like Andy, it isn’t just that they know each other so well it’s chemical.

Andy holds Spence’s leg up and adds a finger alongside his dick. Spence cries out in delight, Andy removes his finger and George works his way in. It takes a couple of tries, they shift around and then they’re in. George feels amazing, it’s not anything he imagined.

Spence is moaning like crazy, the whole situation is almost more than he can handle. But his moans are dwarfed by the ones coming from DeShawn, even Jesse and Elliot who have been in a love bubble look up and watch as DeShawn’s whole body shakes his orgasm taking him completely and his dick starts to spout of its own accord.

Deke looks down in amazement at the pleasure he has created and let’s his own orgasm loose while Dylan finishes all over DeShawn’s face.

For a moment Deke worries DeShawn has passed out.

“Holy shit what was that?” Dylan asks.

“I don’t know but it was amazing. Fuck I’m still shaking. I might not be able to walk tonight.” DeShawn smiles.

Andy smiles at the success of his former lover and begins to crave cock himself.

“George fuck me while I finish Spence.” Andy says, a demand more than a question.

“Take me baby.” Spence moans still half delirious.

George pushes in to Andy who groans and grabs Spence roughly pushing in. He works the pace pounding Spence and pushing back well onto George. All three groan and moan together. Spence howls as his final shot of the night springs forth and mews as Andy fills him with his load.

Exhausted Spence passes out where he is and Andy carries him to bed.


“Did you have fun?” Blue asks as George comes in after a shower.

“Yeah. Thanks for being okay with me going. Do you want to hear about it?” George asks.

“No, not at all.” Blue says.

“You’re upset.” George says.

“Yeah I am. I can’t be mad at you, I can’t stop you doing what you want to but it hurts that you wanted to and that how I felt didn’t mean anything to you. I thought we were moving along. I thought today was a big day for us.” Blue says.

“It meant the world but if you said it only to stop me going tonight then I wish you hadn’t.” George snaps.

“Do you know me at all? I would never, ever fuck with anyone like that.” Blue says and goes to sleep on the sofa.

Too drunk to argue further George goes to sleep.

“What you doing out here?” Gervais asks coming through for a drink.

“Don’t want to be around George right now.” Blue says.

“You know why I left tonight?” Gervais asks.

“Because you love Chris and didn’t want to fuck anyone else. Especially not without him there.” Blue says.

“Because the only reason to be there was to be with you guilt free.” Gervais says.

“It might have been guilt free in the moment.” Blue says.

“Oh yeah crippling in the morning.” Gervais says.

“Come here, we have to get rid of this tension we’ve been creeping around and then we can be friends for real.” Blue says.

Gervais throws himself into the seat next to Blue and plants a kiss on him. They are quickly making out hands everywhere.

Blue pulls away first, Gervais puts his hand round Blue’s neck and pulls him back kissing him hard and nipping at his lip. It feels amazing to be kissing Blue again and however wrong it is, it is just once.

“Do you want me?” Gervais asks.

“Please.” Blue gasps.

They fuck face to face, kissing as much as they can, not wanting it to end.

They can barely look at each other immediately after and then Blue starts to laugh.

“What?” Gervais asks.

“That was amazing, amazing, amazing but for once I don’t want to throw myself on you and beg you to take me back. I think it worked.” Blue says.

“I think so too. Fuck I have missed that mind reader ability you have. Friends for real.” Gervais says.

“So we don’t tell anyone about this.” Blue says.

“No one ever.” Gervais says and kisses Blue’s cheek.

Everything settles down after the party surprisingly. Blue and Gervais stop avoiding each other but no one else notices the change. They both throw themselves into their relationships with Chris and George.

Deke, Dylan and DeShawn are very much a thing, an odd trio but they seem happy. For Jesse and Elliot nothing has changed. Well other than Elliot knowing a night of freedom is more than enough for him and he’s rather wake with Jesse every day.

As for Spence and Andy they are still together and maybe the thread is a little stronger but it’s still very frayed. The jealousy Spence felt when he saw George with Andy was a good push into action and he knows he really, really has to pull his finger out if he wants to keep Andy and he really, really does.


7 thoughts on “The suite saga 64

  1. ugh..orgies like that just puss me off. i didnt even read the orgy seen, i skipped over it. i am totally with blue on this. the are all just sluts, except blue, if course. sex is the only thing they know. take that away and they are nothing with no relationships.


  2. Loved it. Kinda missed Robin but I get it. Tho would like some more with him and blue. They are magical. 😂😂😂 and George is so annoying. I don’t know way he just rubs me the wrong way. Looking forward to the next one.

    P.s. Love Spencer and Andy and how you are developing their story. Would like for them to stay together. But those bumps really make you love them even more.


    1. You might hate me for this, originally I had Robin come in when Blue and Gervais were talking and had him drag Blue off to his room to stop Blue doing anything with Gervais. Then Blue and Robin made out and Blue rimmed Robin. But I didn’t think Blue would go there right now so cut that part.


  3. Wow didn’t take George fr such an ass. Telling blue he wouldn’t fuck Spence and doing it anyway man if I did that my boyfriend would kill me. At least blue and Gervais seem to be friends again. So glad Spence was jealous that any was having fun with someone else. Maybe he has finally had his wakeup call.


      1. As long as everyone keeps their mouths shut. I am happy though that the one last hurrah, if you will, has eased the tension between Gervais and Blue.

        Liked by 1 person

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