Help maybe? And update…


Happy new year you sexy bunch.

I’m going to try and put a few short stories up on gayauthors and maybe put my next series there. The baker has just gone up.

Anyone have the time/inclination to edit Christmas Kisses? I’m going to rename it 15 years. I could also use some help/reminders to get the rest of the suite saga up to nifty. Kicks up bum appreciated.

Right now I’m giving myself at least one day off from writing and not stressing too much. I’d like to alternate weeks between Blue and other stories but that didn’t work out before but I have other things I want to get started on. It isn’t the end of Blue, I still have mileage in the story, I hope.

Also I thought about doing some sexy side chapters, like maybe Spence and Larry’s weekends in hotels, maybe a random Andy encounter…….Thoughts? Bad? Good?

Thanks for all the support and love and kisses it all helps and means loads.



52 thoughts on “Help maybe? And update…

  1. -Cracks whip- GET TO WORK MISTER! If I don’t see that work posted in a timely fashion, that ass gonna be brighter than rudolfs red noosseee. No excuuseesssss. Dont make me bring out the big gunnsssss. No nude cuddles for a week and no homemade gourmet cooking if I don’t get satisfactory results! 😈😈😈

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      1. No, what I meant honey, is I like the idea of mixing in side chapters of the boys! I also liked the mixing during the holidays/trip – i.e. a bit of Blue and then Christmas Kisses!

        Happy Sunday! I finally landed in Tampa yesterday at noon. We boarded the plane and sat for 2.5 hours before take off! Ughh!

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      1. I fell fell asleep in the bath (after showering) with a glass of chilled champagne.

        I felt like Whitney Houston!

        I was about to volunteer to edit for you, but I see you’ve got honkies! Lucky vetch! Xo

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