A new Blue 52

On Friday an excited Blue heads to the airport to collect Andy.

“I can’t believe you came right before finals.” Blue says hugging his friend tightly and lifting him off the floor.

“I’m super on top of everything. My first exam isn’t until Wednesday and honestly not having a boyfriend has given me a lot more study time. I wanted to be here, I missed you.” Andy says kissing his friend deeply.

Blue playfully pushes him away and they load up the car.

“Uh this is a large suitcase for a weekend.” Blue says.

“I thought I could leave some things here and I can do my laundry and go home with clean stuff for my vacation.” Andy says.

“Am I going to wash your clothes, find them all in holes and have to take you shopping? Actually momma might offer, and get vacation clothes for Katelyn at the same time.” Blue says.

“You saw through my plan. My stuff is fine for the summer in the garden. Hey huge news about Cheryl not coming back. Spence and I oversaw the removal guys taking everything to storage.” Andy says.

“She’s happy here. Her and Mike could be something special. Ocean so far is super happy, he’s made friends from Wilson’s baby to Abby. Honestly that kid is the pied piper.” Blue grins.

“Oooo I like this. I can think of a hundred ways to christen it.” Andy grins looking at the hammock as they head inside.

“Already have.” Blue grins back.

“Tell me everything. I’m sleeping in with you as Will is away. No point creating more laundry.” Andy says taking his things straight through.

He pulls Blue onto the bed, he has missed Blue a lot. Gervais and Robin though tactile and willing to do more than cuddle are just not the same. He loves the casual closeness of being with Blue and having a long chat,

“I’ve missed you.” Blue grins.

“Now, what did you and Will get up to. I want to know all the details.” Andy says.

Blue pulls Andy on top of him and holds him close.

So on Sunday morning Cheryl was a sweetie and took Ocean over to Mike’s early to give us some privacy. And it was nice and sunny so I grabbed some towels to put down. Didn’t want Ocean sitting on stains after.

“Sneaky, now fast forward to the sexy times.” Andy grins.

“We walked out nude and Will lay back, his leg is still in a brace and he has to be careful. So he lay back and well I hopped on his face. He is soooooo soooooo good at eating my ass. I was kind of balanced and we’re swaying a little but I keep falling forward, so it makes sense for me to suck him at the same time. When I’m in place he slaps my cheeks a little then just pulled them apart and dove back in, it was so hard to concentrate on his dick because it was amazing and I had to moan.” Blue grins.

“I love it when you’re loud.” Andy grins and pushes Blue’s hair out of his eyes.

“So I needed him inside me, I am a total whore for his dick, I need it so much and I wanted to ride him, make it easier for his leg and everything. Well we tried it longways but the hammock is swinging against us, so Will moves so we’re cross ways and I’m bouncing and the hammock is swinging and it’s amazing I am screaming in delight and Will is panting and groaning.

He slows us down and is kissing my neck and rolls us so I’m on my belly and he stands and pumps me like crazy, the hammock is rocking and I’m flying on and off Will’s dick. It was fucking amazing.” Blue grins.

‘”You have to help me out now.” Andy says his jeans bulging.

“Let me see if Will is free.” Blue says.

“Uh what?” Andy asks.

“Oh come on its hotter if he watches.” Blue says.

“Fuck yeah.” Andy grins.

“Babe, you have time for a study break?” Blue asks.

“Sure, hey Andy.” Will smiles.

“So I just told Andy all about last Sunday.” Blue grins.

“Underwear a little damp there Andy?” Will grins.

“Please can your boyfriend get me off? Pleeeeeease.” Andy begs.

“Go for it. I totally need to release some tension too.” Will says.

“Wish I was there to do it.” Blue says.

“Get to work.” Will grins.

Blue grins and slowly unzips Andy’s jeans. He moves his nose in and takes a sniff before sucking at Andy’s dick through his underwear.

“Fuck yeah.” Andy mumbles running his hands over Blue’s back and tugging at his tshirt.

Blue sits up and strips his top off.

“Looking good babe.” Will says, his hand inside his shorts, totally turned on.

Blue turns to Will and grins and then tugs Andy’s jeans and underwear down in one swift movement. Andy lies back and enjoys as Blue starts to bob away. Sucking his dick and then switching to lick and suck at his balls. Andy puts his hand on Blue’s head and Will groans and slips his dick out of his shorts and slicks on some lube.

Andy grins at Will and maneuvers Blue into a better angle for Will to see.

“Thanks.” Will groans.

Blue slips his own big hard dick out.

“Get that in my mouth.” Andy says as Blue is sucking him deep.

They suck and slurp at each other and Will thoroughly enjoys the show. He’s a little jealous but also happy again that Blue is having fun. Will knows Andy isn’t a threat, thought he seems to be great at sucking dick.

“Thanks Will, thanks babe.” Andy says with a huge satisfied grin on his face once he’s cum all over Blue’s face and chest.

“You’re welcome.” Blue says kissing Andy’s neck feeling very relaxed and happy.

“You two fully open now? What’s the deal?” Andy asks.

“Not at all open. We’re just assessing opportunities as they arise. I am working on being less jealous and Blue is working on being less needy. This was totally a level I felt comfortable with, a few weeks ago I would have said no straight off and been super pissed.” Will says.

“And now you’re happy to enjoy a live show, knowing I still enjoy you best. No offence.” Blue says.

“None taken. You did an excellent job.” Andy grins.

“I do have to get back to study. I hope tomorrow goes well. Call me and show me the ice-cream cart and the lines.” Will says.

“I will. Love you baby.” Blue says.

“You two are doing great now. And I’m not just saying that because we just had fun.” Andy says.

“We are. We fixed things so fast once Will got back. We haven’t seen each other enough but man he has been there for me big time. I am crazy lucky to have him.” Blue says.

“He’s lucky to have you.” Andy says.

“I know.” Blue grins.

“Wow look at you all confident. He really is good for you.” Andy says and cuddles Blue tightly,

“Need to find you someone who is just as good.” Blue says.

“I think being single is the best thing for me right now. I get to focus on school and the business and I can fuck who I want when I want without worrying about hurting anyone.” Andy says.

“But you’re like me, you’re not happy sleeping alone.” Blue says.

“Honestly I have a huge issue and that is I used to date Spence. Even though it is right that we’re apart it is really hard to find someone who measures up. Plus I’m not the hottest guy, I do okay but I don’t attract the tens, the muscular subs that I adore and I don’t want to settle for anything else.” Andy says.

“Well that’s me out the picture if I ever lost Will.” Blue says with a giggle.

“Oh baby you know you’re the exception. Aghh its not even that, I’m not hung up on one type of guy, you know that but I want the guy I’m with to be the best of his type, I want the 12 out of 10 whether he’s a jock, a bear or you.” Andy says.

“You’ll find him or you and Spence will find your way back to each other.” Blue says.

“Yeah, I cycle between being happy for him and pining for him. Sometimes I think he has to be the one and other times I’m certain that he isn’t.” Andy says.

“That’s how I always was with Gervais. Never able to put a final nail in the coffin of our friendship as I was never sure that he wasn’t the one. Then I met Will and he was so honest with his feelings from the start. We’ve had a lot of bumps but he forces us to work through them. He’s amazing and so much better for me than anyone else has been so far.” Blue says.

“I see it. You two are working hard at it and your confidence is the highest I’ve seen. No dithering just making decisions. It is super-hot.” Andy grins.

“Thanks. You are looking a bit better. Been cooking all that food momma sends?” Blue asks.

“Yeah, we’re all cooking more and I’m eating a bit better. I still need you to feed me up. You and Cheryl with Spence buying steaks too is going to be heaven for me this summer. I do plan to work hard so I’ll need it all. What’s this?” Andy asks picking up the letter from the nightstand, recognizing Chris’s writing.

“Read it.” Blue says.

“You sure?” Andy asks.

“Yeah. If you want to.” Blue says and holds Andy close as he reads.

“Typical Chris asking for a lot more than he’s offering. No apology for turning your life upside down, just an acknowledgement that he understands a little of what you might be going through. God imagine if Austin decided to sell his story now to give his profile a boost. Or any other random decided they needed a payday. Chris knew that Gervais and I would never, ever have sold a story on him, he didn’t know that about your exes or hook-ups.” Andy says.

“Right. Will told me to put it away and read again in a couple of months, see if his actions measure up to his words.” Blue says.

“I really like Will and how good he is for you. Really like him.” Andy says.

“Me too. If it had been from Bea I might have listened more. I don’t trust her but this whole experience has been pretty awful for her and she is close to rock bottom. If she had reached out it would have been harder to say no.” Blue says.

“Did you find out what happened to her?” Andy asks, he hates Bea but still worries about her.

Blue explains what Paul did and how Clara found out the same time as Blue.

“She didn’t deserve that. I never know what the true story is for those two growing up. But I am leaning more and more towards Bea’s original story being the truth. I think that Bea, before she met Clara was the real one. Bolshie and confident in some areas and utterly awkward in others. I think Chris had pretty much the charmed life she said but his dad always told him he was being short changed because of Bea.” Andy says.

“I always wonder how real my first meeting with them was. I feel like maybe they had longed to meet me but when they did they were underwhelmed.” Blue says.

“Yeah I mean you just looked like a muscly Chris.” Andy laughs.

“I think I’m just glad I didn’t invest any more in the relationship.” Blue says.

“I wasted a lot of energy on my mom and I shouldn’t have bothered. She showed who she was when I came out. I have Clara and Roe and they are both great, they love me, challenge me to be better and support me. Plus they love my sister and she loves them. She is so much happier now mom is gone.” Andy says.

“Is Katelyn okay with momma being gone so much?” Blue asks.

“She misses her but is okay yes. They talk all the time. It’s easier now Willow is back too, she’s being a terrific big sister.” Andy says.

“That’s good. I kind of worry that Willow will get too isolated before the retreat is back to full strength.” Blue says.

“She’ll be fine. She is doing so much and has things so organized.” Andy says.

“Are you sure about being here for the summer and not there with Katelyn?” Blue asks.

“I am perfect being here with you and not there with Chris.” Andy laughs.

“I am glad. Selfishly I just want to spend loads of time with you. Why don’t you clean up and we’ll find some food. Then we have to check on everything for tomorrow.” Blue says.

“I guess. What smells so good?” Andy says sniffing the air dramatically. “Oh my god you’ve made brownies.”

Andy jumps up and promptly falls over as his jeans are still round his ankles. The pair laugh until they cry.

“You two look exhausted.” Cheryl says when they finally return home close to midnight.

“We had a lot to do.” Blue says.

“And we’ll have an early start tomorrow. I am not good early so I apologize now.” Andy says.

“Ocean has put oats on for you so you can have a good start to the day.” Cheryl says.

“Aww he’s so sweet.” Blue grins.

“I’m shocked at just how easily he has adjusted.” Clara says.

“He’d be happy anywhere.” Blue says with a smile.

“Do you want some dinner? I kept you a plate each.” Cheryl says.

“Asking Andy if he wants food.” Blue laughs shaking his head and nukes the plates from the fridge.

Andy finishes his food and the remainder of Blues and gives them all a huge smile.

“Somehow he got super skinny but his stomach didn’t shrink.” Clara laughs and ruffles Andy’s hair as she picks up the plates to wash.

“I’ll do that.” Blue says.

“You two have had a hard evening, let me do it.” Clara says and Blue smiles. With Cheryl here his mom is a lot more like the person she was before he went to college.

“I’ll not be there for the start tomorrow as I need to take Ocean to gymnastics.” Cheryl says.

“That’s fine. Nick and Ella re serving the ice-cream and Ollie will be their runner getting supplies from the bakery. We’ll be helping Claud and Mike. Tad and Larry have both stayed at school as they have papers due and finals.” Blue says.

“Andy?” Clara asks.

“I’m on top of everything. Other than that blip after the car smash I’ve done fine in school. I’m more engaged than ever since the transfer and don’t find study a chore at all. I’m like Blue and have my papers written well in advance and I have taken proper care to learn the material as I go so I don’t need to cram. I’m feeling pretty confident.” Andy says.

“That is lovely to hear.” Cheryl says.

“Does it motivate you?” Clara asks Blue.

“Not yet. I’ve contemplated a distance course from our original school, just to get things complete but I don’t think that fits my goals. When I discover a passion for something I will look to go back to school, maybe part time and give it my all.” Blue says.

“Once I graduate and can handle the day to day, Blue will be freed up to study. It’s like we’re taking turns right now and anyway Blue needs to keep flexible until Will retires from gymnastics.” Andy says.

“Thinking of you two timesharing study time makes me feel better about it. I know Blue working now will give you a better start Andy, get you doing what you really want to straight away.” Clara says.

“I am grateful for you trying to make it work for me at home, but this is a much better prospect. Closer to the city helps but also this boom Blue and Heidi have started with the local food. I want to be here as things get established and become a serious supplier.” Andy says.

“What’s happening with the vines?” Clara asks.

“The posts and trellises will be going up next weekend and once Andy is back we’ll get the plants in. I need us both to be here for the irrigation cycles. Claud and Mike have a team of people ready to help though which is awesome.” Blue says.

“What are the rest of your plans Andy?” Cheryl asks.

“I’m going to spend some time with Arnold and Larry looking at the cheese side of things but I hope not too much. I’ll be working with Tad and Mike on his diversions and the rest of the time on the land here, Tad will help here too. Blue has a lot planted as you know, I’ll be tending that and working on the faster growing salads and I have a tomato project in mind.” Andy says.

“Ooooo fresh tomatoes with Blue’s pasta will be marvelous.” Cheryl says.

“Mom and I can renew our perfect sauce project.” Blue grins.

“We can. Making pasta is a change for you.” Clara says.

“We have so many eggs and I get flour at a good price through Heidi. With veg from the garden its cheap and delicious.” Blue says.

“Everything from the garden we’ve had so far tastes amazing. We’re both having fun experimenting.” Cheryl says.

“This is a total cheek but would I be able to bulk buy rice, beans and lentils through you when the deli opens?” Blue asks.

“Of course you will. That would be a good way for Ocean and I to pay our board.” Cheryl says.

“You don’t need to do that.” Blue says.

“It would make me feel better. You already get the oats and flour through Heidi and we’re benefitting from the eggs too. We ought to supply some staples.” Cheryl says.

“We’ll need loads when all of us are here. I’m looking forward to baking bread again.” Andy says.

“You should add a day at the bakery to your list of things to try.” Cheryl says.

“He’d eat the place empty.” Blue grins.

“Are you going to need us in the deli over the summer?” Andy asks.

“We might. We’re trying to cross train staff for the bakery, parlor and delis. But you’re such a salesman we’d love to have you any time.” Cheryl says.

“Well you should totally buy bunched herbs from me and Blue this summer. Would be super fresh and we’ll be drying them in the barn too. Think about it.” Andy grins ever the salesman.

“You two are going to be great business partners. Andy brings the fun and the push, and Blue the logic and responsibility.” Clara says.

“I really wished I had Andy around when you were all pushing me over soups.” Blue says.

“I am here now, or I will be soon.” Andy grins.

“You best go to bed as you need to be up again soon.” Clara says.

“Wow I don’t think you’ve sent me to bed since I was 9.” Blue grins and Andy smiles, he loves it when anyone parents him he had so long without.

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  2. First, I love how Will is so into Blue and wants him happy! When Andy and Blue are friends, they’re the best of friends! Clara has seemed to calm down! I loved it Sam! Happy Friday!


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