Ocean Blue 29

Showered and relaxed Blue and Gervais head back to the café and fill Chris and Larry in on what happened. One of the seniors overhears them discussing the disgusting comment the cop made.

“We’re not like that round here. He didn’t speak for everyone, we know you’re good boys. I know what went on at the school and you boys had a hand in stopping it. Wouldn’t have happened in my day.” The man rants.

“Stand used to be the principle at the school. He did a great job for 30 years.” One of the ladies says.

“Well thanks for your kind words. I used to be a nanny and one of my charges is at the school now. I couldn’t keep my suspicions quiet.” Gervais says.

“Quite right. The police didn’t used to take things seriously like today but we had our own black mark system and he wouldn’t have worked in another school. Isn’t that right Marge?” Stan says.

“Quite right. Now the police are on side the schools are too concerned with reputation and don’t want the scandal so just send them on their way and encourage the parents to not go to the police.” Marge says.

“So, it’s the talk of the town.” Blue says.

“We only know because Stan got a call. Parents still call Stan when something happens, so many were students when Stan was in charge.” Marge says.

“l retired ten years ago and some weeks it feels like it is still a full-time job.” Stan sighs.

“I’m sorry if I caused you any trouble.” Gervais says.

“You stopped anything worse happening. We’re all grateful, we don’t want people like that in our community.” Star; says.

“Is your soup okay? Do you need some more crackers?” Blue asks.

“I’d go for some more jalapenos. This soup is wonderful and I can forgive the lack of bacon.” Stan smiles.

“You should have seen him boasting to the doctor about all the vegetarian food we’ve been eating.” Marge grins.

“Its good food. We’re all happy, we’re well fed and you let us linger over coffee. You are good boys.” Stan repeats.

“Did you teach too, Marge?” Larry asks sitting down with his lunch.

“Yes, I was principal of the elementary school for many years. I was born on the next farm over to here and I always lived here. Stan and I married a year after we both retired.” Marge says making all four lads smile.

“We’d given our lives to other people’s children and now we find we’re very happy without grandbabies of our own. No obligations on holidays and we can spend our money however we feel like spending it.” Stan says with a grin.

“What happened here? Why was this farm abandoned?” Blue asks.

“The last owners were city folk with a dream and no work ethic. They tried a fancy farm shop in here with city prices. Strawberry preserves at fifteen dollars a jar. No one down here has that sort of money, other than the parents at the boarding school and that is only a few weekends a year.” Marge laughs.

“Before that it was a bad divorce. Farm had been in the family for generations, it was a big family but with each generation it got smaller and smaller. The last son was an only child as his father was before him and his eyes were turned by a pretty city girl.” Stan says.

“She was a lovely girl and worked hard. They couldn’t have kids, which got them both down, he played away and she took him to the cleaners. They had to sell up to pay the legal fees.” Marge says shaking her head.

“She had the last laugh, married a rich man in the city, moved to a huge ranch out in Texas and had 3 babies.” Stan says with a chuckle.

“It had been empty for 2 years before you guys showed up. Working your magic.” Marge says.

“What have you planned? You’ve not shipped in any dairy cows.” Stan asks.

“This is phase one and I think we’re going well. We planned a b&b but we’re happy with the boarding house. Long term we want to grow produce for here and have an animal sanctuary.” Blue says.

“l grew up on a farm, my dad grows orange things, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and carrots.” Larry grins.

“He grows other things too.” Blue laughs.

“We’re working on designs for glasshouses. B had a great kitchen garden a few years ago that we want to recreate here. No big crops, lots of variety. We want to be our own main supplier.” Larry says.

“So, we can expect beautiful strawberry cheesecakes and super fresh salads in the future?” Marge asks smiling.

“We hope so. It’ll be a lot of work and a few years before we are able to grow as much as we’ll need, providing this place survives.” Blue says.

“You’ll survive. You get us, after only a few weeks you understand the way of life here and you are giving us a great product at a great price.” Stan says.

“You’ll be able to barter some. If you have great berries you’ll be able to buy oats with them. We used to have a lot of bartering around here and we need more of it back.” Marge says and Blue smiles, she reminds him so much of Gladys.

“I’d discounted growing our own grains as being too labor intensive for the pay off. We are open to trading cheesecakes or pies for any type of flour, cornmeal, oats or barley.” Blue says.

“My dad and his friends used to drop off a sack of whatever they had had a bumper crop of, or a glut of misshapes, in the hope he would come up with a beautiful soup. B can turn any fruit or vegetable into something quite wonderful. He can do a million things with beetroot,” Larry says remembering.

“Ahh yes we had beet salad, cake, borsch, pickles and chips so many things we tried.” Blue smiles.

“Why did you leave?” Marge asks gently seeing all four boys looking nostalgic.

“We all had reasons Leo’s dad remarried and had more kids, shrinking his potential share of the farm to less than would be enough to live on. C is going to school here in the fall and he wanted B to be nearby. We were alt ready for a new challenge.” Gervais says.

“We knew we wanted to be in the country near a city, and it was a choice of here or an old agricultural college.” Blue says.

“Here felt right. The college might have been better due to the buildings but it didn’t feel right. Whether we house animals or make wine or just potter along with the café here felt like it could be home.” Chris says.

“l grew up near a lake and having one close by meant a lot to me. I’m down there most days,” Blue says.

“We heard, doing yoga they say. You are the talk of the town. Well until this business at the school.” Marge says.

“Gary and B are both amazing at yoga. Plan B for here for sure includes a yoga studio and full on hippy vacation experience for people.” Larry says and Blue scowls.

“Some of the parents from the school would love that. They’d use you as a spa and a way to see the kids. You could charge them an arm and a leg.” Stan says with a laugh.

“We have thought that if we keep the house for seasonal workers we could put in some yurts or teepees. Fancy ones fully kitted out, log cabin sauna. Veggie or vegan food here, meditation, yoga, art.” Gervais says and Blue’s heart sinks further.

“You have the space for it and everyone in town would be down here to watch em like it was the zoo.” Stan says laughing and slapping his thigh.

“l wish you had been my school principle. I bet you were a lot of fun. You’d never have tolerated half of what I went through.” Gervais says suddenly.

“Where did you go?” Stan asks.

“Triangle rock.” Gervais says and the year he graduated.

“l heard stories of there. I’m sorry you weren’t treated better.” Stan says quietly.

“I’ve been lucky ever since. Meeting B in college changed my world. I’ve beaten my past with the help of these guys.” Gervais says with a smile.

“Now can we get you some dessert?” Blue asks.

“Can we try the milkshake of the day, instead of pie today?” Stan asks.

“We’ve heard the kids talking.” Marge grins and Blue smiles.

“2 milkshakes coming up, extra thick.” Blue grins.

The following evening Blue has no worries about leaving Gervais for the evening and going with Liv to the gallery. She is a member and so they are going to a preview event. Blue hadn’t quite realized that it meant Birch might be there.

“l love this one.” Liv says as they stop in front of a house on fire. It is so real you can almost smell the smoke. The colors are incredible and at the same time it is incredibly sad. The exhibit is called Home and Sea and features paintings of houses and bodies of water.

“It is beautiful. Harrowing but beautiful.” Blue says.

“This is the same house as in your print.” Liv says as they stand in front of another painting of Spence’s beach house.

“I loved that place.” Blue says.

“B knew Birch’s sister when they were in college and has a lovely print of that house.” Liv says to another women admiring it.

“Oh. so many people claim to have known someone related to someone great, only for it to turn out they never met.” The woman replies snootily.

“And sometimes true friends downplay their connection, when they were my very best friend.” Birch says and squeezes Blue’s hand.

Blue’s eyes brim with tears. He still can’t get used to people coming back into his life, however badly their relationship ended.

“This is Liv, she teaches near to where I live. Liv meet Birch, the, uh, artist.” Blue says.

“What do I call you.” Birch whispers.

“B or Bert, I have a sucky name right now.” Blue whispers back.

“Where did you get the idea for the house on fire?” Liv asks.

“Was it the California house?” Blue asks suddenly.

“Yes it was my childhood home, or commune. It was burnt down recently. Fortunately, no one was hurt.” Birch says.

“Is Adam okay?” Blue asks.

“He and his family are fine. I was able to help secure a property for them to use while waiting on insurance and the rebuild. Money from the sale of the fire painting series will go to it as well.” Birch says.

“That is so sad. Losing the place that holds your memories.” Liv says.

“I’m lucky I had painted it before it burnt down. I paint most houses that are significant to me. But I hadn’t lived there for many years. Come see this one of where I live now.” Birch says and leads them to an enormous painting of the lake.

Blue looks for a second and then turns away, it is so painful to see his home. The lake where he grew hadn’t expected Blue to ever look this thin and grey and world weary. He feels bad that he’s upset him with the picture, he should have thought about how much Blue might miss the place. Though Bea lives there no problem he reasons and he really wanted Blue to see this one, one day.

“Is that me?” Blue asks.

“You doing yoga by the lake.” Birch says.

“Just like you do here.” Liv says.

“Everyone really knows?” Blue asks laughing.

“Small down, you’re big news.” Liv laughs she can’t believe she’s getting a tour of the exhibit by the artist and is loving it, very aware the city folk are spitting chips.

“B has no idea what he looks like when he’s doing yoga. Even in his current skinny shape I bet it is quite the sight.” Birch says.

“I remember you looking pretty great when you took class.” Blue says with a smile.

“l thought you were just friends with his sister.” Liv says.

“B met Willow first, and then we dated. He introduced me to a lot of places in this exhibit.” Birch says and Blue takes a sharp breath in worried it is too much information.

“What are you working on now?” Blue asks shifting the topic.

“I’m taking a breather. The fire paintings were a late addition to this set, I had to include at least one. I did 12 or so I think and that wiped me out. I’m taking a break, I’m sure inspiration will hit me at some point. This exhibit is on a long tour and so there isn’t too much pressure to churn things out.” Birch says.

“Do you work in bursts then?” Liv asks.

“He can paint all day and all night, sleep 3 hours then starts again for weeks on end. If someone isn’t there to put a fork in his hand he doesn’t eat.” Blue says fondly.

“I’m not always that bad, though my sister might disagree. When it strikes I work like a demon. In between I teach and tour and I don’t worry about it. I don’t paint when I’m not inspired, drove my college professors crazy when I was in a fallow period.” Birch grins.

“But it worked out. You’re a big star. What happened to Grant?” Blue asks.

“He teaches, makes short films, and illustrates books. Acts like he’s a gigging artist and not richer than sin.” Birch says.

“His grandmother?” Blue asks.

“Yeah straight to him and Magnus. You know Magnus and DeShawn got married?” Birch asks.

“How could he not know, it was everywhere. OMG you know those guys?” Liv asks sounding like a squealing fangirl.

“I’ve not seen them in forever. I kind of dropped off the grid. You need to see the lake here. Do you have any of the creek at Abby’s place?” Blue asks.

“I do, come on.” Birch says and drags Blue to the paintings showing his house, the creek, the garden and Abby’s old house.

“Why are these smaller?” Liv asks.

“l was experimenting and I was angry. If I had done them large like the lake picture you’d have seen the anger. Follow me.” Birch says and around the corner are the same settings are shown with darker colors, all emotion, the settings are clear but the emotion changes everything.

“Gosh what an amazing contrast. So beautiful.” Liv says.

“It’s like you ripped it’s heart out. I remember your post Joe pictures, these are like that but a lot more sophisticated.” Blue says.

“Both were dark times. At least I know how to channel it properly now. Look I really want to catch up properly but I have to squeeze flesh and do more interviews tonight. Tomorrow?” Birch asks.

“I have to work in the morning. Come by and I’ll feed you.” Blue says.

“Sure. Who are you living with now?” Birch asks.

“My twin, G and uh I don’t know if you knew Tad’s brother Leo.” Blue says.

“It is good you have people around you. Touring can be lonely, I hated to think of you alone.” Birch says.

“Are you not seeing anyone?” Blue asks.

“Nah, not many options at home and my life isn’t idea for relationships. What about you?” Birch asks.

“I’m with G.” Blue says.

“Are you fucking insane? Will is free and you’re with G? What the fuck is wrong with you?” Birch spits.

62 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 29

  1. It’s morning now and a new chapter for me. And I’m still mad about those 3. Yeah they are dividing he work and stuff. But Blues dream are being pushed back again and his outburst is forgotten. BG looks good together but it is a toxic relationship. B always gives and gives, and G takes and takes everything. He doesn’t even realize that B needs helps too. So inconsiderate Bitch. Go Birch, give B the wake up call he needs. I’m not saying B goes to Birch but he needs to realize that he deserves someone to love him and take care of him, and if it can’t be a new character. Will is the most appropriate for him.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. really good chapter. …and back to ignoring Blues dreams within a few days. it’s as if blues blow up never happend. all three are planing without him. we do know, even if you say they could hire someone for yoga, they won’t, don’t we? expectations are, blue will get the work done. so glad they remembered the blue’s vineyard dream, ohh stop…they didn’t!!! stomp right over him again. at least they did divide the work better. hope blue stands up for himself more.
    birch did revel quite a lot of blue’s past. hope that works out all right.
    still voting for a new man. not Gervais, Will or Birch. non of them are good for him. Will did get married after all.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You want him with an older man right? Maybe a guy who retired young and bought a vineyard could hire him and they fall in love and make yummy wine and sexy times 😍😍😍😍


        1. Right but he did leave him and never tried to contact. My point being is they both had a part in Will trying to move on. Their relationship back then never had a chance.


          1. Mark and I will defend will to the ends of time. At the end of the day, if everyone’s rooting for Gervais after his numerous mistakes and fuckups with Blue they should be open to the idea of giving will a second chance after all the only thing he did wrong was accepting that blue didn’t want him and trying to move on in life. Thats shows much more character than someone like Gervais who destroys blue over and over again and still continues to torment him

            Liked by 2 people

                1. It was definitely deserved. They all 3 ran all over him. He was expected to do all the work, they spent money frivolously without any input and he got nothing until he said his peace . They keep pushing him to do things that are outside of his interests. When is it Blues turn? The car thing and the money pushed me off the cliff as far as G goes. G has known him for the longest. Knows how he is, but hasn’t learned how to treat him like he deserves.

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. Certainly it’s extremely dysfunctional all around. With the exception of Larry, both Chris and Gervais have been central to significant pain in Blues life, but at this point, they’re very co-dependent.

                      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great chapter. Blue needs to chill, just because the plans for the future include yoga and b&b doesn’t mean he would have to do all the work. Hire O for summer yoga work. Where does Birch come off critical of G? After his breakup with B and the lies he should talk!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. That may be true but the way he acted after breakup was worse than anything Gervais ever did inventing situations lies etc and just plain hostile and nasty….. Gervais was always friendly towards Blue even after breakups. Remember the way Bitch acted on Australia trip being all judgemental about Blue attitude towards Blue and basically said Bea is fine and Blue is the problem.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah they did reconcile later and Birch did apologise. G was cruel though for long periods, especially when he kept Blue hanging but stayed with Jesse. Sure it was immaturity but it utterly ruined Blues self esteem, Blue who arrived at college in fairly good mental state despite Clara’s best efforts.
          To me Birch trying to make himself look good after the breakup(and he could not have predicted Andy and Spence’s reaction) was no where near as bad as G leaving Blue for Fergus after Blue had done nothing but give unconditional love and support to G.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. G was messed up back then and he had worked really hard on himself and stayed out of trouble until recently. He and Blue can work it out. I’m not saying they will, or should but they can.


                1. But Larry and chris have held their hands up, said they were shit and are working harder now, and are vocal about their limitations and are making suggestions about them all doing less.
                  G not seeking Blue out to apologise, not buying him a bed or thinking about him at all has me pretty pissed off right now.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Agreed. The car and money too. I still think it’s a control issue with G. I know he loves Blue, but he doesn’t know how to have a proper relationship. It’s not just sex, but sometimes it’s thinking of what the need before thinking about yourself. G is quite narcissistic. He’s said man times he never thinks about Blue when he wants something. Hasn’t changed in many ways.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I was completely blinded by the B & G good times really until you had Spence and G sleep together when Blue left college was the first nail in the coffin for me.

                      His conversation with Robin where he told him about sleeping with Spence showed me his true colors.

                      The final nail for me was Will. Finally someone who loved him and taught him not to be a doormat. It was the best of all the relationships you’ve written.

                      G deserved to lose out. Still does. He hasn’t learned and still shits on Blue. Maybe not with someone else (wouldn’t put it past him), but emotionally, yes.


        2. I’m not saying Blue should be with Birch though. And I know how hard Gervais worked to make things right. It was incredibly disappointing (I’m a shit writer) that they lapsed into their old roles after the move.


        3. MarzOz. Don’t rewrite history. Go read the last few new chapters on Nifty to see how nice G was!Birch lied and made a huge mistake. He apologized profusely when the boys Skyped after G was given his house.

          Compare that to Jessie, trying to break up his rekationship w George, Chris, Jessie again, hurting Blue with Spence, and all the take, take, take!

          What Birch did was cruel and mean, but there’s no comparison to the things G has done. He’s still shitting on Blue as of late.


  4. YES BIRCH, YOU TELL HIM! TEAM WILL! I wonder if i comment this enough Sam might listen to Mark and my wishes hahaha. Loved the chapter, I really do love Will though, It’d be nice to have him in the storyline. He was the one that found Blue once, he’ll be able to find him again!

    Liked by 3 people

                1. It’s not something I would do now, but I’m not in my 20’s either. I couldn’t say I wouldn’t have done it then! If I had been interested in men at that point either! 😂

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. I’d have equally worried about measuring up and that no one would have wanted me to fuck them. I am so much better at being single.
                      Would you have gone to a set up like that with women….


                    2. Absolutely never! My ex-wife was a cold fish, it’s probably the reason we stayed together as long as we did. Now, when I came out… That’s a completely different story!

                      Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG! Absolutely GREAT chapter Sam! Was it Blue’s leaving that had the impact on his painting? He must’ve attended Andy and Spence’s wedding, right?

    Birch couldn’t have said it any better! I loved the catch-up! Thank you, as always!

    Liked by 2 people

          1. I hope Robin’s successful. He did jump in and run things while Blue had to leave. None of us saw his intentions- even his friends.

            While I do think G has become a better person in many ways, I never will see him with blue. There’s too much damage in the past and they keep falling into the same cycle. I’ll protect you on that front!

            Liked by 1 person

              1. That would be great! I really don’t think it would be much of a fight if Blue would open his eyes like he did a couple chapters ago. I’d love for Will to take charge like he did 7 years ago. He’s one of the reasons Blue has a spine today!


  6. What the hell birch. First off referring to him as blue three different times but where does he get off? I’m glad the boys have the towns support. Another little session of plans without blues involvement. That snooty bitch can blow off somewhere. Sam yesterday was international chocolate chip day!


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