Ocean Blue 36

“l thought you were out of the program.” Blue says.

“So did l. 2 days ago the usual henchmen turn up, give me an hour and bring me here. It took forever. I have been totally cut off from the news, from everything.” Bea says.

“So you don’t know what has happened? But we’re all alive, that’s something.” Chris says and steps forward to hug his sister.

“How did you know I was out of the program? Have you two been together this whole time?” Bea asks.

Blue and Chris give Bea a rundown of their time over the last few months.

“You didn’t call?” Bea asks.

“We were jealous as hell. Plus momma.” Blue says.

“She does miss you. Blames herself for all of this. I was in a bad way being faced with another move and she negotiated for me to go home, the job and everything.” Bea says.

“We’ve been in a bad way. Can you believe Blue has gained 20poundsin the last few months?” Chris asks pulling up Blue’s shirt to show how skinny he is even with the weight gain.

“But she didn’t care to find out.” Blue says.

“They say you’re getting married.” Chris says.

“I’m engaged, but I wasn’t planning to get married without you. I can’t marry someone you haven’t met. Come on Chris, I didn’t forget you.” Bea says.

“But just like Aled you stole a version of my life and have been living it normally while we had to hide. You didn’t come and find us.” Blue says.

“Come on bro you know she couldn’t look.” Chris says.

“You did.” Blue says.

“And here we are, not knowing if we’ll ever get to see Larry and Gervais again. Not knowing who of our friends and family is caught up in our stink.” Chris says.

“It wasn’t your fault. Something is going on and they are either worried about us or rounding us up to pull the plug.” Blue sighs.

“Bro.” Chris says gently.

“So I’m not the only one who thinks this whole thing could be a conspiracy?” Bea says.

“It is good to see you Bea. I’m sorry we didn’t call when we found each other, we didn’t want to put you in danger. Along with the jealousy. We’ve only heard about you through Ocean and G and they might not be the best people to give a real pictures. God knows they were wrong about Robin: Blue says.

“l have had a walk in the park compared to you two. I haven’t moved so much. I have been home and yes had your life and friends and mother. Your lake, your Willow and your ff community café. I know I have what you should have, what you could have. I even got to fall in love. I worried about you two every day and knowing you were so totally alone kills me. I started all this being curious about who my real family were, who Clara was. I dragged you in.” Bea says.

”No, your mother did all this. Dragging Clara and Paul into her mob life. Pretending she needed saving from it all while sucking them in. We are all innocent in this,” Blue says.

“Well I for one want to celebrate seeing my sister. I am sick of takeout already. I am going to talk to the thugs to get them to buy us some food so we can cook.” Chris says

“You mean so I can make brownies.” Blue says laughing.

“Or Cheesecake, I’m not fussy. Dear sister you have missed out on all the delights I have had recently.” Chris laughs.


Ocean sets off at first light. He has packed his bag with food and water and a few things he thinks will be useful from his gym bag, making sure it isn’t too heavy. He wishes, not for the first time that it was a backpack. He leaves the bag in the room and finds a tree to climb to try and get a better look of his surroundings but he can’t get high enough to see anything helpful.

Ocean figures as long as he keeps heading down he’ll get somewhere. He wishes he had better footwear and clothing but he’ll manage. Before he sets off he takes a picture of the shack with his phone. Just so he is believed if the kidnappers burn it down or remove it later.

A short way into his walk as the trees become less dense he spots markings left by a trail bike or similar and his heart sinks. If they only carried him the last few yards and brought him up on a bike he could be days away from a real road. Still he has a trail to follow now which he knows could lead him into the path of danger but he figures the abductors are long gone now and it is the best lead he has.

He stops every few hours to drink, checks for other food supplies and keeps an eye out for natural shelters. As the trees spread out he climbs one to try and see if he can See any sign of life. He is most worried he’s walking away from civilization.

As the light begins to fade he finds a stream. He sits down and takes off his socks and shoes to wash his feet. He knows that he needs to keep his body, especially his feet in good condition and while he has food and water he will be okay.

He makes a makeshift shelter with the blankets and some wood. He’s a little worried about the cold and being exposed. He had hoped he’d magically find some caves or a hollow tree but knew it was a long shot. He gathers dried leaves to make a more comfortable sleeping experience and beds down, knowing it is early but not wanting to take any risks in the dark.

At Ocean’s they are all sat around the TV. A video of Ocean, unconscious with a gun at his temple has been released and they are all worried that the worst news is to come.

They moved up to the farmhouse as there is more space and they all want to feel closer to Ocean. Will and Robin get back, feeling terrible that they were away when the news broke. Robin and Gervais make their peace easily. Robin was never going to hold a grudge, especially not now with ocean gone and the images of him haunting their minds.

Mike brings Robin’s son up a couple of times and hands him over without words. He’s fully Of Robin having access, much as it hurts him. Ella has not been seen, using the excuse of sheltering the baby from the drama.

Nick is away on a shoot, he discussed staying but they all told him to go. He has the biggest social media presence of all the guys and has been getting the message out to look out for Ocean in the hope he has escaped and is trying to get home.

Arnold is at home, balls deep in his wife. Since the divorce and all the drama they have been on heat and have totally reconnected. Arnold and Nick have buried the hatchet and Nick is happy to have his dad back.

Larry and Mike are trying but it’s too hard to take the time to talk when they are both so stressed about Ocean. Gladys is sat in a chair in front of the fire and everyone is glad she wants to be here. Gervais has arranged for her to stay and nurses to come in several times a day. Although most of the time Gervais, Marsha and Heidi have taken care of her needs.

Heidi has closed the bakery and taken off from her foundations work to sit with everyone. She considers Ocean a little brother just as the others do and needs to be with them.

Gervais is acutely missing Blue. Although he accepts Blue and Chris need to be kept safe he feels like Blue should be here, in his home with his family and friends. He’d be stressed as all of them and feeling guilty but they would be a mutual support for each other.

Andy is feeling off with Larry. Even though it was short lived he was always jealous of Spence and Larry’s relationship and hearing he is dating Chris really irks Andy. He can’t quite work out why. He fell out of love with Chris years ago. Maybe it is the newness. He and Spence are perfect together but they know each other inside out. He misses discovering someone and Larry has clearly got to know the good side of Chris. Andy is remembering that time and is jealous.

“You okay? Other than worried?” Spence asks when Andy heads out for a breather.

“I’m jealous of Larry and Chris, starting out and getting to know each other.” Andy says honestly.

“Well remember that lovely start you had with Chris turned into a nightmare.” Spence says.

“Yeah and I love I get my happy ever after with you. I’m just feeling weird. Dissatisfied.” Andy says.

“Gee thanks.” Spence says.

“It isn’t you. I love you with all my heart and that hasn’t changed. I guess I’m feeling, is this it? We’re not 30 yet and we seem to be settled and nothing is ever going to change.” Andy says.

“Is this about wanting kids?” Spence asks.

“No. I still don’t want kids.” Andy says.

“We’ve not been good since Hawaii.” Spence says.

“You’ve had job offers. Tad could manage here and we could try something new.” Andy says.

“I don’t see you as a house husband or giving up your business, even temporarily. Maybe we should travel some more.” Spence says.

“Or fuck around.” Andy says.

“Fuck you.” Spence says and goes indoors, this is severe déjà vu to freshman year and he doesn’t want to think about that. Spence pushes the worries about his marriage to the back of his mind and focuses all his good thoughts on Ocean and him coming home safe.


63 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 36

  1. Wtf Andy? You got your happy ending and you want to fuck around? While Blue is suffering and being all alone, you want to leave your husband? You don’t deserve it.

    And I wonder who kidnapped Ocean? It’s very convenient that Bea is with her brothers when O disappears.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. My baby is not a douche. You just got to understand that that is a beautiful piece of manmeat and he likes to share his gift of hot sweaty freak nasty man sex with the world. He brings a smile to many bottom betches faces one thrust at a time and that is a marvelous thing. He spreads happiness in his own way and that’s why he my boo for a few hrs every other day. I dont understand the meaning of consistency lol.

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          2. I liken myself to Andy a lot. A fucked up slut with a penchant for lying to partners and taking the easy way out, with a heart that patters extra hard for rich hotties.

            I do think he’s overdue for being the main star of some epic, ill-timed drama. Maybe a sex tape or two.

            I vote for maximum drama! 😛

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I don’t want him and Spence to divorce but they have work to do and sure Andy supplying roids to Spence’s gymnasts or heading out to do porn with nick might be the nail in the coffin but you’re right some real drama not just itching for new arse is required

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Completely unrelated, but you were right.

                GirlBoss is a piece of shit. I love 95% of the pop culture references, and the entire show COULD have been amazeballs, but they should be hitting the high notes much harder, and half the cast is wrong. (The main chick is awesome though.)

                (And I hate that I still automatically try to spell piece as peice. fml)

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                  1. Not quiet, just yet. I’m 6 panadeine forte, 3 bottles of Bubbles deep, and about 5 hours of Netflix entombed.

                    Next week, I’m planning on starting back on the playing field. Opium based muscle relaxants and my penis, don’t mix well. I’ve struggled to wank once a day.

                    I think it would be fab to chart flings on my plaster.

                    The only problem after the pain killers is, I hate bottoming face down on the mattress, and I can’t top easily at the moment… FML.

                    Thank god for blowjobs and tranquillisers.

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                    1. Just another Grindr related injury…

                      jk. I was in training, and i slipped on a boat, my foot went through some metal stairs, and now I have 3 fucked up bones, going epicly jones-town in my foot/ankle. And not in the fun way.


                    2. Break or dislocated? what part of the body the actual foot you walk on or like your ankle or something? I am a clutz and often sprain ankles, or hurt knees or soles of my feet etc


                    3. Where’s the new chapter woman!?

                      I woke up at this ungodly hour with a boner and a need for some inspirational spank mats…. 😛

                      Do you have a fav price of writing you did?

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  2. That selfish whore does not deserve a happily ever after. He deserves to be alone. Blue would kill for a happily ever after yet he is the one faced with a life alone 😡😡😡😡😡

    Liked by 2 people

        1. You tell him babe. Spence is a lot stronger now than he was, comfortable in himself. He will not be okay with it or he will find himself a fitty and Andy will be uber jealous.


          1. Its like he has never grown up or matured he may be 30 now but still acting all impulsive like that that self centered 20 yo and here we can’t say ooh he is only 20 and can change lol

            Am I being too savage this morning?

            Liked by 2 people

            1. NO!!! you are not being to savage this morning. Andy is being a colossal Dick. Ocean is missing, Blue and Chris are back locked up somewhere(Andy would have to know because G and L are back) and all he is worried about is the sex that Chris and Larry are having. For someone who is primarily a top how does Andy manage to fit his whole head up his ass!!

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            2. UH UH! UH UHHHHHHHHH! You better leave my baby alone! It’s hard to grow up and be a mature adult when he got a man like me to explore when he calls. He needs the stamina and curious mind of 20 year old to keep up with all this. lol

              Liked by 2 people

      1. Spence ain’t ever got to worry about me. I will send him back after a couple hrs. lol. This ain’t emotional. He can have his whole heart while I’m taking every inch of his wholesome dick. haha

        Liked by 2 people

                    1. I love fresh cucumber 🙂

                      Not saying I love Zucchini just its in foods that I eat hidden so can’t really taste it or asian take out where it comes part of it not like I actively buy it. I teally hate eggplant and Brussel Sprouts and not fussed on Brocolli either except if its with a cheesy sauce 😘😘😘😘😘 similar to Cauliflower


                    2. I love roasted broccoli, with olive oil, garlic and a bit of chilli, cheese an lemon juice. It’s da bomb. Aubergine and sprouts could be extinct tomorrow and it would be too soon.

                      You look cute cute cute today. All forgiven 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🍪🍦🍉😜😈🍑


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