Summer 4

Blue and Robin head Off to the for a few for the first Of wine tours leaving trio move to a guesthouse at Coogee beach, Bea feels perfectly safe sharing a room with the two and it works out only marginally more than a dorm would be. Birch and Grant are both drawing a lot and photographing everything for later pictures. When they are in creative mode they get along perfectly, when Grant is in rich boy mode not so much.

Bea and Birch find a lot of common ground and happily explore the tourist spots together and get a good feel of the city.

The three are enjoying the nightlife that Sydney has to offer and soon settle in to partying all night and recovering on the beach in the day. It’s not hot but warm enough for them to lie out and read or draw. They get along pretty well and decide to plan their trip together. None of them have any desire to go south with Blue. They figure they’ll head north and hit the tourist spots along the coast and meet Blue and Robin for the red center in a few weeks.

“We should buy a car and drive.” Grant says not wanting to deal with the greyhound.

“I’m down with that.” Bea says surprising Birch.

“Really? The bus passes are super cheap.” Birch says not sure he wants to be stuck in a car with these two all the time.

“Yeah but I don’t want to sleep on a bus all the time. Get a car and then we’re on our own schedule. We can stay at nicer places that are a bit out the way and we can change plans last minute.” Bea says.

“I guess. I just worry about the price of gas and not having a fixed budget.” Birch admits. Money is tighter for him than Bea, who is also on a limited budget but has a bit more flexibility.

“I will cover gas. Don’t sweat it. Worth it not to get a numb ass.” Grant says.

Birch nods but feels uneasy.


Robin and Blue are loving their time out of the city. Blue has booked a bunch of private tours and Robin is surprised at just how interesting he is finding it all. Blue asks more and more questions each tour he goes on and they end up being invited for dinner at several places and getting the warts and all stories which they both love.

They get emails from the trio about their plans and talk about how to balance things.

“We want to do these things too, we want to see Fraser island, we want to go sailing and we’d love to see the reef but I’d planned to do all that last.” Blue says.

“I’m happy with your plans. We’ll find people as we go. Bea is super safe with Birch, he won’t leave her behind anywhere.” Robin says.

“Agreed I just worry that it’s less fun for you. I’m okay if you want to join them.” Blue says.

“No, we’ve earmarked things I can do when I get bored of the tours. We’ll have a break in the middle to see the center before we head west. If I want to I can join them then.” Robin says.

“Cool, sounds good to me. I’m happy not to be around those 3.” Blue says honestly.

Birch is super disappointed that Blue isn’t going to change his plans but totally understands and throw himself into planning with Bea and Grant.


After a few nights staying late to watch and help Will train Spence starts to come in for the morning sessions too and joins in with the conditioning for support and to improve his own body. He’s fascinated by all the exercises that use your own bodyweight and whilst he can’t do half of what Will does he feels a real sense of accomplishment every day that he hasn’t had since he quit wrestling.

“You should have been a gymnast, you have a great work ethic.” Will says one morning.

“I loved wrestling, it was a great sport for me. I don’t know that I’d have been much good as a gymnast but I am happy to try your conditioning.” Spence grins.

“It’s nice to have you here. All my old team mates have retired or stayed up at school to train and it’s nice to have another guy with me. The girls are amazing and incredibly motivating but we train differently.” Will says and Spence nods.

“I’m learning so much. I love coaching the rec kids and the lower levels but I want to be able to take kids right through to the top one day. Learning from you and your coaches is incredible. I can’t believe the hours you put in.” Spence says.

“I love it. I love the sport, you have to. Anyone who doesn’t truly love it quits during high school. The scholarship money isn’t there for men like the women and coaching won’t make many rich so the incentives are not there unless you’re Olympic track and to be on that track you have to love it.” Will laughs.

“Are you going to coach?” Spence asks.

“I want to be an agent. I want to help raise the profile of men’s gymnastics, make some superstars like the big name swimmers.” Will says.

“That’s cool.” Spence says surprised.

“Do you want your own gym one day?” Will asks.

“I don’t know. I kind of like the idea of working as a club coach and not having the responsibilities of ownership. But being my own boss would be cool. If I found the right business partner then maybe.” Spence says.

“That Ocean kid, do you always cover his fees?” Will asks throwing Spence off guard.

“How did you find out?” Spence asks.

“I was in the office the other day and I saw your check for his day camp fees. He’s promising, that trio are causing a stir.” Will says.

“He is. His mom is a good friend and I got him into this on the cheap weekend sessions run by the college team. He loved it so a friend and I offered to pay for more classes for his Christmas gift. Now I cover it and my friend covers his uniform and extras and another friend helps Cheryl make it to meets and things. He’s a little brother to us and we’re glad to be able to help.” Spence explains. He loves Ocean and Cheryl and like Blue and Gervais considers them family. Cheryl has been a great role model for him as a parent and businesswoman and Spence feels far closer to her than either of his parents.

“That’s really cool. Must be nice to be able to afford it, as a student. You don’t make much here.” Will says.

“I volunteer here, in all my coaching jobs. It’s mutually beneficial, I’m useful as a solid, strong spotter to have on hand and I get to learn a lot about coaching.” Spence says not wanting to delve into his finances with someone he barely knows.

“And now you’re helping me out. You’re pretty special.” Will says with a grin and Spence’s heart flutters.

Spence gets up and goes to get a drink of water. He needs to shake off this crush. He never has straight guy crushes, they’re just not him. He’s not even usually drawn to good looks. Grated he’s had fun with DeShawn and Blue but he loved Andy and it is always personality that draws him first.

Maybe it is the work ethic along with the killer body that is such a great combination. Maybe he’s just crushing on someone out of reach because deep down he knows he isn’t ready for anything new.

The breakup with Andy was months and months ago but Spence is still struggling with the finality of it. That Andy is happier without him hurts his ego but also his heart. Despite his ambitious shell Spence has a huge heart and capacity for love and he really, really misses sharing his life with someone. He misses Blue and Robin too. His friends had done a great job filling in that gap for him and since Jesse’s murder everything has been off between them. He really hopes that time will heal everything this summer.

Thoughts of his friends sober him up and he heads back into the gym to work with Will. They work together with the kids after and have a blast. They are two popular figures in the gym, Will the hero champion gymnast and Spence the young coach with a hundred different games for conditioning.

Ocean as always loves it when one of his big brothers leads his class and he works doubly hard to make his big brother proud.

“Can Spence come for dinner tonight?” Ocean asks Cheryl at pickup time.

“I’m not training tonight, so no need to stay on my account. Not that you need to any night.” Will says overhearing.

“I’d love to. Will why don’t you come too?” Spence suggests before he can stop himself and Ocean’s eyes bug out of his head.

“Sure beats going home alone.” Will says.

“Do your parents not live here?” Spence asks.

“No I moved here to train when I was 12 and lived with host families. I sublet a studio for the summer.” Will says.

“I had the opposite adolescence, my parents moved out and left me behind.” Spence grins.

“This food is delicious. Thanks so much for including me.” Will says over dinner in the café and Spence melts again at his fine manners.

“Will is the bestest ever gymnast mom.” Ocean says. He’s perched himself on Spence’s knee and is drinking his usual banana smoothie.

“I’m not the best ever. Best at our club.” Will says enjoying a bit of hero worship.

“Spence is the bestest coach and he is my big brother but Blue is my bestest big brother and he is in Australia leaving me all alone with no yoga teacher.” Ocean sings and Spence and Will laugh at his silliness.

“Blue sent you two postcards already. He is taking a well-earned vacation.” Cheryl says.

“He’s doing okay?” Spence asks.

“He saw a kangaroo and the ocean. Do you have a boyfriend Will?” Ocean asks.

“He might have a girlfriend.” Cheryl says.

“Oh yes do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend or intersex friend or alien friend?” Ocean asks.

“No I’m single. Do you have a special friend?” Will asks.

Drat Spence thinks, he was sure Will had a girlfriend and now he doesn’t know for sure he’s straight.

“I did have 2 girlfriends and 3 boyfriends but we broke up as summer is long and I’m going to the retreat after gym camp.” Ocean says seriously.

“I’m sure you’ll make some new ones next semester.” Spence says.

“Will you and Blue be boyfriends?” Ocean asks always wanting to match make his big brothers.

“No. I thought you wanted Blue to marry Gervais?” Spence says.

“I do but they broke up ages and ages and ages ago and mom says they’re not going to be together. I want Blue to have a boyfriend because he gets lonely. Birch was mean to him so he needs a new boyfriend and you’re nice and you need a boyfriend.” Ocean says.

“1 love that you want your friends to be happy but you know that you can’t ask them to date.” Cheryl says weary, it’s clear she and Ocean have had this conversation before.

“It’s nice that he cares so much.” Will says.

“You could be Spence’s boyfriend.” Ocean says.

“No more.” Cheryl says shutting the conversation down. Spence doesn’t dare catch Will’s eye in case he gives his feelings away.

“Sorry Ocean was intrusive. Since my friends Blue and Gervais broke up he’s been trying to fix everyone’s relationships.” Spence says as they walk to their cars.

“No problem. He’s a really sweet kid, young for his age but that means he fits right in with most gymnasts.” Will says.

“See you tomorrow.” Spence says and heads home crush growing stronger and stronger. A guy who humors Ocean is right at the top of his list.


Gervais has settled in to a routine. AB is working 3 long days a week and W works late most nights. Taking care of two kids is not easy but he enjoys it and the kids love him. The baby adjusts to Gervais quickly and Tommy loves having someone who will play with him all day.

Each week they go to story time at the library, to events in the park and Gervais meets other nannies and au pairs. He starts to get a social life around the kids and meets with friends so the kids can have playdates.

He and an English au pair called Danny start to hang around a lot. Danny has four year old twins to look after, a boy and a girl. Tommy enjoys playing with them and so they have them over for pool time and lunch a couple of times a week.

AB is working from home while they visit and is delighted at how well Tommy is playing with the twins. She comes out to hang around the pool and picks up the baby from Gervais.

“I hope you don’t mind us coming over so often. As guys its hard to get included with the other nannies.” Danny says.

“Not a problem at all. I totally understand its hard that you two don’t fit with the stay at home parents or the full time nannies. I want Tommy to be social and he seems to enjoy playing with the twins.” AB says.

“I wasn’t sure if they liked Tommy or the pool but I think it’s both.” Gervais laughs.

“Danny seems to like you too.” AB says over dinner that night.

“Nah, he’s just a flirt. He flirted with you too.” Gervais laughs.

“Ah true. I just think it would be good if you had some nights out.” AB says.

“Am I here too much? I can have dinner in my room.” Gervais asks worried.

“I love having your company. Goodness knows I rarely see W for dinner in the week. But it is summer and you need to let loose. You’ll not disturb us coming in late, that’s why you’re in the pool house.” AB says.

“I’ve had a lot of drama recently. I’ve been enjoying gaming and reading. It’s been nice to be myself and chill. Plus your two tire me out a lot.” Gervais laughs.

“Then at least get out and explore the city on your days off.” AB says.

“I will. I have therapy on my days off and that exhausts me to be honest. I need to get out the mornings before my appointments.” Gervais sighs.

“That sounds like a plan.” AB grins.


DeShawn and Magnus have a date at the ballet. DeShawn has dressed up smartly and Magnus has a smile a mile wide with his s boyfriend on his arm. They are sharing a box with Magnus parents and so he’s a little nervous about them meeting. He needn’t have been Magnus dad is a huge fan of DeShawn and is delighted that he’s with them.

DeShawn pops to the restroom before the start.

“My goodness he’s a step up from that Andy, charming as he was, DeShawn is a superstar. My goodness what a catch,” Magnus dad says shaking his head.

“Did you not realize that DeShawn was one of the guys who I’d moved in with?” Magnus asks bemused.

“I just didn’t put it together. Well son am really proud of you,” Magnus dad says.

“Over my choice of boyfriend? You’re okay with him not being like us?” Magnus asks.

“Greats transcend background, and he’s here tonight dressed well and speaking properly. You’ve chosen well.” Magnus father says.

*He chose me, Spence introduced us.” Magnus says.

DeShawn returns along with Magnus mother, they’ve clearly been having a great chat also and sit down with big smiles on their faces.

Magnus and DeShawn hold hands, DeShawn squeezes hard during the emotional parts and is visibly moved, Magnus is surprised and then kicks himself for being so prejudiced. Why shouldn’t DeShawn be moved? Why wouldn’t a smart educated man enjoy the performance?

There is no naughty intermission action. DeShawn makes polite conversation and is a real hit with Magnus family.

When they get home DeShawn undresses Magnus like an exquisite gift. They make love slowly and carefully, kissing and touching and savoring every moment.

“That was beautiful,” Magnus says as they rest.

“You got you a man who can do both.” DeShawn grins.

“My parents really like you. You charmed my mom and my dad is a huge fan. I think if he’d realized it was you I was living with for the summer he’d have been over a lot.” Magnus smiles.

“I liked them. I was worried it was going to be nasty but it was a lot easier than I thought. It’s funny they do all these things to support the arts except support your brother.” DeShawn says.

“I know. Hypocrite central my parents. If he makes it big just watch them change their tune and watch him disown them.” Magnus says.

“Are you free this weekend? Can we have some proper time together?” DeShawn asks.

“Yes I am. I’ve put my foot down over weekend work. I just don’t care if it hurts me, half the people I work with will be burnt out by the time I graduate law school. If I even go.” Magnus says.

“What are you thinking?” DeShawn asks.

“That I’d rather be an accountant.” Magnus replies truthfully.

“As long as you don’t start wearing cheap suits.” DeShawn laughs.

“It’s just I’m okay with repetitive and I’m okay with putting the work in but I hate the politics and crazy competition.” Magnus says.

“You’re amazing and smart and beautiful and all mine. You can do anything. Be what you want to.” DeShawn says.

“Thanks. It means a lot to have your support.” Magnus says.

“I am falling for you. Big time. I’ve missed having a boyfriend and I think you’re a really sweet one. You’re so complex, so many things. I love that.” DeShawn says.

“You too. I was mad at myself earlier for thinking patronizing thoughts about you at the ballet and when I pushed them out I realized just how lucky I was to have you with me. So proud to have you on my arm, not because you’re an athlete, because you’re a good man.” Magnus says.

“All the feels baby.” DeShawn says and kisses his man.

“I love you sweaty from the gym and I love you all clean and dressed up and everything in between. I love being over your knee and held in your arms.” Magnus says and then blushes realizing what he’s said and how it’s too soon.

“I love you too. I don’t care if it’s too soon. When you know, you know, right?” DeShawn asks and Magnus melts.

“I know for sure.” Magnus whispers into DeShawn’s chest and DeShawn grins and feels his smile flood his body head to toe.

DeShawn knows this is real and he feels amazing. He cuddles Magnus close and breathes in his sexy scent.

Andy has just ploughed Chris out in the woods. It’s the third time today and he cannot believe they have been at it like bunnies since that first night. It’s Friday and they both start working on Monday. They have one more job to do and then they’re off camping for the weekend. Andy has plans, big sexy plans.


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  1. Sam, loving the progress on summer. It’s great to Robin sticking with Blue and Blue sticking to his plan and not changing it for the other 3…. Grant what a self entitled little bitch….

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      1. The graduation chapter had me bawling. Brought back memories of my own graduation. Time to learn to be an adult and the finality of the innocent youth years. And get ready to bawl at the finale!!

        And I agree, Sam is such a great author. His writing style is so easy for me. This series has me addicted. I bet Sam is one hot man in real life. He intrigues me on so many levels. His experiences add a level of realism to this story that just can’t be matched!!

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          And I am right with you there on Sam as an author. Lots of life experiences to draw upon to create addicting and engaging content! 😊😊😊

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            1. Having active constructive feedback via comments is probably one of the best ways to learn to improve that I can imagine…
              And yes, you are getting better Sam. So many unexpected plot twists! And you rarely let on…in fact, you do the opposite! Haha.
              I am looking forward to hearing about your view! 😉

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      3. Oh Sam, I’m calling BS on that right now!! You’re very hot in my book already just because of your personality, skills, and experiences!


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      1. Of course, because Australian English is akin to British English and not like American English. Because we obviously can’t be like everyone else and have to rebel against convention.


          1. Dear lord, please don’t tell me you’re one of those that’s going to be offended and pissy about the use of a phrase to clarify a point differentiating the way shit is spelled in the US versus every fucking where else. America is stupid as fuck. We all know this. That is why we’ve mutilated the english language, still use imperial rather than metric, and face the very real possibility of having that lying, racist, misogynistic, manchild known as Donald Trump as our leader.

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        1. It’s a messy mix here in Canada between “American English” and “British English” (sorry Sam). My favourite (😉) is Aluminum vs Aluminium. IUPAC officially deems Aluminium correct.


                    1. don’t shatter ny illusion and tell me that its english that spell words such as realise with a “z”

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          The French don’t have to say they’re speaking French French opposed to Swiss French.

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      3. So it would be safe to say that you speak English, and I speak American English? Because we Americans do like to be the center of attention you know, so it would typically be said that I speak English, and you speak British English. Guess that proves how self-centered we are in America. Very interesting point of view, so thank you.

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    1. Seriously? When I was a teen and email wasn’t widely used I had pen pals and I’d use this program that changed some words to pictures. It was awesome.


  3. Great chapter I am totally loving DeShawn and Magnus. Gervais should stay single I really don’t think he could do a summer fling I mean the only person he has sex with and not do a relationship with is blue. Of I was him I’d be scared I mean the last NSA hookup he had turned out to be a crazy ass lunatic stalker who killed his ex.

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      1. Yes he should. He’s in no shape to go into a relationship. FWB would be great, but a relationship would detract from his work on himself. I’m hoping there is still something redeemable in the little twat, so his therapy has to come first.

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        1. yeah a summer Fuckbuddy I mean based in other guys sex with Gervais must be pretty hot I mean nobody has ever been satisfied with only being fucked by Gervais once lol

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        1. thats right I forgot he ended his dry spell the morning Blue left so should be fine over summer.

          Yeah like Blue just needs a friend to chill with seperate from the drama in his life.

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        2. Agreed….by the way Sam…you lied to me…you said a couple chapters back that you would NEVER put Andy and Chris together! LOL!


            1. mmhmm…he’s totally abandoned blue – spread lies about him and is now shagging his brother…not sure how I’d feel…some best friend that wanted him as his bf!

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                  1. Look at what Andy did when he knew Blue had a crush on Birch that proved that there is nowhere Andy won’t go well apart from guys in a relationship have not seen Andy try and get guys to cheat so far.

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                    1. Adding it up: trying to break him and George up, leaving him at Christmas, Birtch, Lying about him cheating – not making things right – typing it all up I think he’s worse than all the rest…LOL!

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                    2. he didn’t notice for 2 days Blue had left spring break and gone home last year.

                      Tried to guilt Blue back into Gervais life when Blue clearly was not ready and he knew better than anyone how broken Gervais left Blue last summer.

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                    3. We’re supposed to get a bit of wind and rain, but nothing like the other side of the state. People are evacuating to here, so traffic is a cluster fuck. I think Jack said he’s in Macon, which is inland..he should be fine. The track keeps changing though…we’ll see.


                    4. yeah was a lil grouchy this morning since I had a night of continuous broken sleep due to noise in my building. when Mark started bitching about Andy I could not hold back and gave Andy both barrels.

                      A lot better this arvo tho 🙂


                    1. We’ve not spent much time with him. He loves Blue very deeply. He constantly fucks up but of all of them he has the strongest feelings. So I imagine he misses him very much.


                    2. like blue with his family dramas Andy is same. Supresses things snd attempts to ignore it hoping it goes away

                      Blue is still not over his dramas is he?


                    3. Yup! I think andys world is in chaos with his mother being back and he’s struggling. He’s lost his rock in Spence and has no one keeping him in line. Chris is hot and fun and requires no emotional involvement.


                1. Sam, he even commented on the fact he’d be sleeping with Blues brother that screwed him before the second at the end of last chapter. He thinks with his dick.


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                      if nobody cones along guess I will take one for the team in regards to Blue not that is much of a sacrifice 🙂

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                    2. Me too. Spence’s character deserves happiness. Although his upbringing can make things awkward at times, he is a genuine, caring person who should be happy.


                    3. And he wants to be in a relationship, trouble is he wants the right guy to be right there and not look for him. Do you think Will is a maybe or just a summer thing (if anything) as he’ll be back to school in a couple of months?


                    4. Tough to say..will is committed to gymnastics for life, and unless Spence moves to be close to Will, I don’t know how it will work long term. Definitely a good short term distraction for Spence.


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                  1. White chocolate truffles, caramel & pecan brownies, and french vanilla icecream. Hopefully the power don’t go out and take my icecream. If I’m gonna get through this I need all my sugar. I also bought and prepared stuffed salmon and shrimp scampi linguine and Garlic bread because if I’m goin down I’m goin down luxurious and full lol.

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  4. Our boy Andy has a sex drive that almost mirrors mine. Go get it boy!! And he can also hump like bunnies with absolutely no emotional involvement which is great.

    And Magnus and DeShawn are cute together. I loved the tender side between them. Kinky, hot, rough is great, but nothing ever beats slow and sensual where your souls are connected. Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. He could go stuff Bob. I expect Deke will get some from Andy at somepoint but I think Andy has found someone who has the same sex drive as himself and he’s taking full advantage.


      1. Oh I forgot about Bob!! Andy is in heaven with all of the dedicated bottoms around him. I have to give props to all the true bottoms in the world. They are the real MVP! Thank God for each and every one of them! 😍😘

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ah yes thats where you and Magnus diverge. Though he’s more than happy to stuff his thick dick in tight holes, especially once its risen due to pit action.


      2. Haha Sam, very true. Although I’m not totally opposed to bottom, it takes either a very special man, or a ton of booze to get me there Hahahaha. Magnus is doing well at being versatile.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. D&M are great! They definitely compliment each other. Andy and Chris though – if Blue wasn’t disappointed in Andy before…watch out!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think Birch expected Blue to change his plans but was sad they weren’t going to be together. Given he would have known Blue’s plans as they made some of them together he could have steered the other two.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. the weird thing is Blue never did a thing to him just because he was crushing for Robin which was NEVER going to lead anywhere he unfairly blames Blue.

            Must sting his ego Robin chooses to trip with Blue over him lol

            Liked by 2 people

              1. For sure Sam, he needs to learn that others stupidity and anger are not his fault. He’s getting better but needs to deflect more.


                    1. i like how he is kind and all that but god I hate how everyone takes advantage of him and always expect him to merely accept an apology 😦

                      Liked by 3 people

                    2. exactly 🙂

                      Gervais did not just say he was sorry that is just empty words he showed via his actions he was sorry and i felt touched.

                      loved the earphones and movies with note he put in Blue bad for this trip that was the iceing on the cake 🙂

                      Liked by 4 people

                    3. I was glad that Sam put the headphones/movies in…I definitely give points to Gervais for having done that. Actions speak louder than words, and that scene brought a smile to my face ☺️. I am glad Blue was able to tune Bea out with Gervais’s kindness.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    4. It was properly thoughtful and I’d melt if someone did it for me. It was like when Peter used to pack up snacks and things for Alexander when he had long promotion days in my other story.

                      Liked by 4 people

                    5. DeShawn said it. They all take, take, take and when they fuck up they don’t man up. Gervais is the shining example so far as to how to win him back. While I love Robin, I said his apology and reason was lame, but he also does things like the shower, changing room and sticking up for him with Bea. I’m not hating on Andy, just extreme disappointment. Especially after I typed out all the shitty things he’s done to Blue.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    6. Robin was there for Blue a lot in the past so gets more of a pass from me. Including at Christmas was just lovely and being there when he met his parents and having his back.

                      Liked by 2 people

              1. yeah I need to let it go but due to how close Blue and Andy were. found it disgusting he believed a random rant from Grant without putting into consideration what he knew as Blue as a person like Gervais did 🙂

                Liked by 3 people

                    1. yeah as more often than not Robin has had Blue back and was dealing with his own shit so could not be much help to Blue until he had that sorted to be honest 🙂


  5. Nice chapter Sam! Sorry to say that I’m glad Birtch is feeling a little ‘blue’! Spence and Will! Andy and Chris…horn dogs! Should be an interesting summer!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Will is charming and just what Spence needs. Not a rebound hopefully though…no need to have repetition (BG breakup and BB rebound; SA breakup and SW rebound).

        It isn’t quite clear whether Will is straight or not…Sam, you’re a tease 😉. I like that Spence looks up to him…he needs some hero worship…and I’d venture to guess that Will would be okay being the dominant one in a relationship.

        Liked by 2 people

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