67 thoughts on “On my way

                    1. Omg there was a table of stunning black guys at brunch. Too far away for me to make a fool of myself. But really babe I keep looking at the couch on my terrace wondering why you are not on it with me. Plus 66th floor, what am I missing out on in the lift? You may be forgiven or I may be drunk as fuck. Brunch food was foul so at a burger place right now.

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                    2. Nope 😳http://holsteinsburgers.com/las-vegas/food-drink/lunch-dinner/ the rising sun I’ve ordered. Wanna share? Or want me to order something for you? I miss your kisses 😭😭😭


                    3. The drag brunch was fun. Just put pics up. Last night I just went to Panda Express for takeout as was hungry and tired. Had fun winning this morning. Gonna have lunch and nap or write before concert tonight.


                    4. all time I really have my time differences mixed up thought was evening or night there right now 😱😱😱😱



                    5. you hate advocado also? I only like it as guacamole lol

                      Yes the fries looked interesting that burger looked tiny tho lol

                      Saturday was not bad slept a lot as was tired tho lol


                    6. Aww wanna come share my big bed. The shower in my hotel room is bigger than my whole bathroom at home. The burger is pretty big. I’m same only as guac else it’s just slime.


      1. Holy shit Batman! You’re winning!

        Now go get a bunch of singles and make it rain on a dead stripper!

        I’m not the only one unable to trusted with money when holiday mode takes over, no? 😂😂😂

        Also, it’s disturbing how relaxing it is to wake up to fountain videos.

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          1. Wellz when there’s no competition, more attention for you!

            Holiday mode! Woohoo! Remembers it doesn’t really count as “getting arrested” if it’s the holiday version of the you getting arrested.

            Also, Chlamydia doesn’t exist, the only form of toothpaste is whisky, lube is for weak bitches, and first names are too much commitment.

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            1. Also, thanks for getting me back into Snapchat.

              An old friend sent me a video of himself pissing while he was at a chem house picking up drugs on his bucks night while he was wearing a wrestling singlet.

              Ended up sleeping with him (he couldn’t get an erection all night lol), and then he freaked out and left after stealing some of my clothes.

              The good bit? He left behind his wrestling singlet! I’ve always wanted one, and as long as I don’t developers morals, I’m keeping this shit!

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                1. I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way…

                  I don’t take drugs myself anymore… I just tend to like guys who do.

                  Especially bartenders.

                  Speaking of which, gotten preggers yet?


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