A new Blue 40

Blue feels closer to Will once his friends have left, they are talking more and with no temptations it is easier to focus on what he has.

Clara is straight to business and with help from everyone she gets a lot of plans in place and Blue feels good about the direction of everything. They get along well all week. Clara tells Blue all about her trip and her plans for the summer. Blue is slowly pulling out of his funk. He spends more time with Abby and Gladys and even goes to a movie with Nick one night.

He’s kind of sad to see Clara go but also happy to have his house to himself again. He’s glad that Robin and Gervais sorted their study and Ocean’s room. Something off of his to do lists. Nothing seems to have come from the article and Blue relaxes about it, that maybe the triplets are finally old news.

It’s Sunday night and he curls up in bed early to talk to Will.

“I missed you. When are you back?” Blue asks.

“Another 2 weeks. I’m doing pretty well. I can’t wait to hug you close.” Will says.

“Mmmmm same.” Blue grins.

“I hate not holding you at night, I will always hate being apart. I just have to do this and keep thinking long term.” Will says.

“I’ve been so wobbly about us recently. It is hard. I know down the line you’ll be here and a florist and everything will be great. I just get so impatient.” Blue says.

“I love you for waiting for me. I know it hurts.” Will says.

They talk a little more and Blue feels more and more secure in his relationship and ashamed of how he’s been behaving. He had no idea things would be so hard and he could be so stupid. He has to support Will and knows that he is worth waiting for.

The next morning Blue and Ollie are happily working on soups together and Heidi is manning the coffee when Randolf bursts in waving a magazine and shouting for Blue.

“What is it?” Blue asks.

“They’ve done it again. Come on you need to check all of this over right now, some is so farfetched it can’t be true.” Randolf says.

“I can manage.” Ollie says pushing Blue out of the kitchen.

The magazine has a picture of Blue leaving the bakery on the cover and inside is an expanded version of the college paper article. It covers most of the bad events Blue went through in college, Jesse, the homophobia freshman year and Chris trying to get him thrown out, although it implies he did leave in disgrace. Other than that it is all true.

Blue feels violated that the most painful moments in his life have been laid bare and can’t see for the life of him what Jesse’s death has to do with him being separated from his siblings. Or any of the rest of it.

“How can they do this when I’m just a private person? I’m not an actor or criminal. I’ve not done reality tv.” Blue asks in despair, terrified that he’ll lose Will over it.

“Your sibling’s story put a bounty on your head, you know that. But how much is true?” Randolph asks.

“Most of it. Just not why I left college, I transferred but then dropped out straight away.” Blue says.

“But the murdered friend? The three finals in one day? The hamburger in your veggie meal?” Randolph asks.

“All true. How do they still make me out to be the bad guy? I tried to save Jesse, I didn’t cheat on my exams and yet the whole tone is as if I’m some failure, some bad guy.” Blue laments.

“We can’t sue for tone. They are goading you again. They want you to snap and give your side.” Randolf says.

“Do you think this is the end? Do you think they’ll go after Will or Gervais?” Blue asks.

“I don’t know. It will depend how many issues this sells and what your family come up with next.” Randolf says.

“Thanks for coming straight to me.” Blue says.

“I’ve taken to having all these magazines delivered just in case.” Randolf says.

“I guess I best call momma and Will.” Blue sighs.

“I’ll see what I can do about the leaving college part. Blue I am terribly sorry for all you’ve been through. Family should be the last people to make it worse.” Randolf says.

“Thanks. I didn’t have it the worst. Andy has been through so much and Gervais and hell Jesse is the one who died. I am lucky in comparison.” Blue says.

“It is a lot for your age.” Randolf says.

“Hopefully no more.” Blue smiles.


He sits in the corner and calls Clara who curses something fierce.

“That’s it then. Your privacy is gone.” Clara says.

“Yes. I hope Bea is happy.” Blue says.

“You can’t blame her.” Clara says.

“I do. If I lose Will over this I will never forgive her. Chris would never have come up with this on his own.” Blue complains, annoyed that yet again Clara is not on his side.

“She had no idea it would go this far.” Clara says.

“Then she’s not as smart as she thinks she is.” Blue says.

“Well quite. But as her intelligence is her whole identity it isn’t going to help her pointing it out.” Clara says.

“I guess but I value my privacy and so do you, it is part of our identity and they have steamrollered through that and so I won’t give them a pass. It’ll be you next, you and Lana so be careful about pissing me off.” Blue says.

“Blue I am not trying to antagonise you. I thought you had more empathy for Bea.” Clara says.

“Not now, how do you think Jesse’s family will feel having everything raked up? How will Elliot feel? Anything Bea has been through is nothing compared to their pain and she needs to remember that. Hell Chris was friends with Jesse, if you want to catch him when vulnerable now is the time. I imagine a bucket of regret is happening right now.” Blue says.

“You’re right. I will try and see him.” Clara says and Blue screams inside his head and hangs up.


“Have you got time to talk?” Blue asks Will feeling upset.

“Just 2 minutes I’ve a session to get to. What’s up babe?” Will asks.

Blue holds up the magazine and Will sighs.

“How bad is it?” Will asks.

“Bad they’ve been pretty thorough about al my college incidents and put a real negative spin on it.” Blue says.

“Oh baby I’m sorry. I will call you as soon as I’m out okay. You’re strong, you can get through this. No one believed the lies before. You’ll be fine.” Will says.

“I’m just so sick of all of it.” Blue says.

“I know baby, I wish I was there for you.” Will says.

“Call me when you can. I’m going home. I don’t want to see anyone. I hate hat they can all find out my business.” Blue says.

“I’m sure they’ll respect your privacy and not buy it. I really have to go, I’m sorry. I love you and I’ll call soon.” Will says.

“Thanks, I love you too.” Blue says.

He goes into the back and checks Ollie is okay and tells Heidi he’s going home. She gives him a hug, surprised at how badly he takes these articles. She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t just capitalise on it and enjoy a bit of fame.

In a quiet moment Heidi picks up the copy Blue left behind and reads it. She doesn’t realise she’s crying until Gladys offers her a tissue and orders a late lunch.

“I had no idea he’d been through quite so much.he’d told me enough but not all this, if it’s true.” Heidi says.

“He kept an awful lot quiet but that’s his way.” Gladys says.

“He looks very good on the cover. You’ll need security to keep the men away.” Abby jokes.

“He and Spence are heroes fighting off that attacker.” Ollie says.

“And yet the piece paints him as the bad guy. I don’t understand it. How can they side with his siblings who don’t seem to have any redeeming features.” Gladys says.

“That mother of his doesn’t help. Is he okay?” Abby asks.

“He went home. He just wants to be alone I think he’s embarrassed. I don’t know why. If I were him I’d beat them at their own game and spill all their secrets.” Heidi says.

“He never would do that. He just wants a quiet life. I don’t know what brought you here but I bet if it was in the media you would run and hide too.” Ollie says sticking up for Blue.

“I guess so. I just hate he way his siblings seem to walk all over him, even though he’s left them behind. I just want him to fight back.” Heidi says.

“Living well is always the best revenge. Blue is doing so well here, he has so many people who love him, a lovely boyfriend and a career that is on the up. They don’t have that and might never have it. Blue has his revenge every day, they know it and are just trying to spoil it.” Abby says wisely.


“But we won’t let them. We have to make sure no one talks about Blue.” Ollie says.

“We’ve not done, so far. Well other than at the market and that was solely in relation to the soup and ice-cream. I feel terrible that praising his skills in the kitchen may have contributed to these pieces.” Abby says.

“We’re doing double the soups and Marsha says she sold the entire stock of ice-cream the first day, even the vegan one that she had in a separate section.It’s Donne some good.” Heidi says.

“You could have sold more soup before. It’s only because Ollie has a good touch that he and Blue can make so much in advance for you each week.” Abby says.

“I hope people don’t get tired of it before we have the plant up and running.” Ollie says.

“Oh I don’t think I will ever tire of them. Clara has been talking to her vegetarian network and they are all interested. Between Clara and Cheryl I think they know every veggie and vegan place in the country. They’re both quite popular in that world I’ve been checking out the internet. Those two are key to the success.” Abby says making everyone laugh at the thought of Abby researching online.

“I thought it would just be local.” Ollie says wide eyed.

“Big things are coming for you young man. That chocolate cherry ice-cream was a huge hit.” Gladys says and Ollie beams.

“Yeah a whole sub range is happening because of you before we even had buyers for the normal range.” Heidi grins.

Gladys and Abby continue to gossip the morning away and Ollie and Heidi get back to work. All four of them thinking about the businesses and Blue.


“Can we come in?” Ella asks gently sticking her head in the door.

“Sure, do you want some tea?” Blue asks as Ella and Nick come in.

“Yes please.” Nick says looking around the kitchen in awe. Every surface is covered with food, brownies, cookies, rice balls, pies.

“I cook to calm myself. Help yourself.” Blue shrugs.

“Thanks.” Nick says making himself up a plate with a smile.

Blue is kind of surprised he never thought of Nick eating he’s so slender.

“How was Cabo?” Blue asks Ella.

“Really fun, do you like my tan?” Ella asks rolling up her sleeve. Usually so pale her skin is golden and perfect.

“You look amazing.” Blue says honestly.

“I’m going to take a trip next week. Is that okay? I’m all up to date.” Nick says.

“Sure where are you headed?” Blue asks.

“Arizona, I’m going hiking with a friend from college.” Nick says.

“That sounds fun, I love hiking.” Blue says.

“So come with us.” Nick says.

“I don’t know.” Blue says.

“I can take care of things here and people can live without cheesecake for a week.” Ella says.

“You need to get away.” Nick says.

“I really would love to, I need to check with Will first and then Heidi. I’ll have to bake ahead and we need to up ice-cream production for Marsha.” Blue says.

“I can do the ice-cream with Ollie and Jett. Get out and make sure my brother doesn’t get ugly tan lines, we’ll be doing the photoshoot when he gets back.” Ella says.

“You two are good friends. I’m sorry I was so slow to realise.” Blue says.

“We know we’re not easy to get to know. You’re not either, everyone likes you but you don’t let many people in. Not really. You can see how close you are to your college buddies.” Ella says and Blue smiles and nods.

“Speaking of your buddies, is Andy single? I know it’s a bit late to ask now.” Nick says shyly blushing a deep red.

“He is single. I had no idea you liked him, oh I wish you’d said when he was here.” Blue says with a grin. he doesn’t see Nick as Andy’s type at all but also knows Andy has no type and adores all men. Selfishly he thinks that Nick would replace Gervais in Andy’s life in a heartbeat.

“He’s not my usual type, but he is so sexy. His eyes are so pretty.” Nick says.

“I thought maybe you and Ollie might have a connection.” Blue says.

“I think Ollie is a real cutie but Nick isn’t into baby faces.” Ella says and Nick shrugs.

“If Andy is single this summer you’re being set up for sure. It would do him good to be with a good guy. Spence is a good guy but difficult and Andy dated my brother for a good while.” Blue says.

“Ugh.” Nick says.

“Right. Oh sorry I have to take this, it’s Will. Hey box up some treats for your parents. You know what they like.” Blue says and slips into the other room to talk to Will.


“So I spoke to the team legal people after my session.” Will says.

“Are you having to dump me?” Blue asks.

“No, I was asking about restraining orders and the like if we need to. Blue if they told me to stop seeing you or even to keep things private I wouldn’t. I would give all this up for you if I had to.

Did I never tell you that? I know I am being pretty single minded right now and you might feel pushed out but I am working hard on the best plan for us to be together the fastest. Blue this is pointless without you. I am doing all I can so we can be together.” Will says and Blue grins.

“I wouldn’t want you to give it up.” Blue says.

“I know that. Blue I know I have your love and support. I wish you knew you had mine. I could kill your siblings. I know you’re hurting and I know you need me there. It’s just if I came now it would mean longer time away from you at school.” Will says and Blue relaxes and lets the wave of love flow over him.

“I love you so much. You really are doing what is best, I wish you were here but I have people who care and I need to let them in.” Blue says.

“Yes you do. Give me a big smile, and maybe a flash of that bod I’ve been missing so much. Man I have so many wet dreams when I’m away from you, it’s like being 13 again.’ Will says and Blue grins.

“Thank-you. Now go and concentrate on getting fixed up so you can be in my bed sorting me out.” Blue says with a smile and Will grins. Will hates that Blue has to deal all alone but knows that he is strong enough and will get through this.

“I will. Talk tonight, be hard for me.” Will says and winks and Bill grins finally feeling desired again.


“You look better.” Ella says.

“I feel it. I am so lucky to have Will. Best boyfriend I ever had.” Blue says.

“He’s lucky to have you. W have packed up a lot of food, mom is hosting her book club tomorrow and this will go down a storm. She will be so pleased.” Nick says.

“Perfect. If she needs more or wants some another time tell her to call me. Also if this doesn’t sound too weird can you ask her if she has any friends who would like private or small group yoga lessons. I bet she knows the sort of people who can pay well.” Blue says.

“We would do it. Could you? Teach us two and mom?” Ella asks.

“We used to go at college and loved it but the only class here is the one you do for old people. We don’t like going into the city.” Nick says.

“Early tomorrow before work?” Blue asks.

“Sure.” Ella smiles and the pair load up with food and leave Blue in a lot better mood.








146 thoughts on “A new Blue 40

  1. I’m late out of the gate, but glad I’m still in the race (lol). Great chapter, so much heartache for Blue. He really is so much so the sky – constantly changing, so easy to turn to grey and rain… but so amazingly brilliant when sunny. I’m glad Nick and Ella were able to be there for him this chapter, and the good talk with Will.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmm. After reading this again, I don’t see Blue telling his story to the press, but I wonder if someone else will? Clara or Gervais or Bea finally telling the truth for a change? Blues comment about Jessie and Elliot hit me. Maybe a road to semi-redemption for her?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Very true….we certainly don’t know all of Clara’s deeds or miss-deeds! I still think/hope someone other than Blue comes forward to clear up the mess for him! It would be a nice gesture, knowing he’s not one to draw too much attention to himself.

        Another early morning Sam! Hopefully you slept a little better! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. They need an ass whoopin okaayyy. Not no spanking, nope! Somebody needs to knock both of them on their dumb asses. Blue sweetie you don’t have to come forward to tell your side of the story. All u got to do is record Bea or Chris. They feel guilty already. They will apologize and sing like canaries. Then leak it. TAKE EM DOWN. You don’t even got to o it. Let one of the other boys do it. I’m sure they glady will.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I like Blue but I don’t hand out favors even if I get to suck a big cock. Double the pleasure, pay me and I’ll suck Andy. Hell I’ll bite the bullet and sleep with Chris. I don’t got to like him to screw him and screw him over XD

        Liked by 2 people

                    1. U won’t remember that fake name by the time I’m done with you. You’ll tell me all I want to know, especially the truth. XD And u are supposed to answer Sam about aren’t you keeping me busy. Though I think it’s obvious you not lol. Belly can’t handle all this Sammy. So I’ll convert innocent Marky. 😈


                    2. I ended up randomly partying with a bunch of models and art-homos after the event I worked on while I was wearing Balmain(I really was wearing Balmain. Are you psychic? That’s freaky…), and I accidentally smashed a flower pot at some point… Does that count?

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                    3. Not anymore. I thought you wanted to take it slow because you were shy but you is like all the rest reeling me in while waiting on a better offer. I shoulda known better. I’m best off alone and shouldn’t have been hopeful that you was different


  4. ~~~~~^~~~ yep, it’s a shark circling just waiting on Chris to slip his dick into the water to be bitten off!! I still think Bea needs to fall on a tree trunk and die from having it shoved up her cooter. Then Clara can get eaten by a coyote. I truly despise those three😡

    Yikes, you tapped into all of my hidden rage, Sam!!! Such evil thoughts, I need to watch Winnie The Pooh or something to make me nice again. 😳

    Hope you’re having a great vacation!!!! 💦💦💦

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Little Ollie is too cute. I wish Andy had gotten ahold of him while he was there. Ollie’s head would have exploded lol. He’s so innocent and cute. 😇

        And yes I guess I’m in more of a revenge mood then a lovey-dovey mood today. I’m sure when I re-read the chapter later, I’ll enjoy the lovely scenes more. But for now, I’m on a mission to see the spawns destroyed 👍🏻

        Liked by 2 people

  5. Nick and Ella are the siblings Blue deserves. They went from being near the bottom of my goodie list to top five. I’d love to know what kind of damage Abby and Gladys could do to the terror twins. For some sneaking reasoning feel Clara is slowly forming an counterattack towards those two twats. I’d love to see he deliver their comeuppance. Bringing Jesse in was way too far I totally agree with mark next death seen should be Chris. Or even better let him get hit by a car and wind up in a vegetative state where Bea has to take care of him. Death is too easy way out for them putting Blue through the ringer.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. OMG! Those damn twins! They lie, lie, lie and Clara just believes them! She’s totally blind! I’m starting to think the sharks need to come eat them – like Okie said!! Any time you feel like writing a new death scene, they should be at the top of your list!!

    I loved the Blue/Will interaction! He told Blue how much he means to him and that meant everything to Blue!

    GREAT chapter Sam! I hope Vegas is still treating you well and you’re having a blast! Muah!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am having fun. Having a chill day, went to a coffee place and banged out the chapter. Now at burgr stuffing my face again 😂😂😂😂

      Sorry the spring break one didn’t come off right. Summer will make up for it.
      I’m not sure what the twins are doing/saying to Clara but I am suspicious and not happy that Clara didn’t give Blue real support.

      Will is a good guy.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Great for you! Need a chill day every so often! Love the food pics btw! I’m a burger freak myself! I liked a spring break without tons of bad drama! Clara is back to being stupid!

        Liked by 1 person

                    1. I love Tampa! Lots of people get shot here too. Too many snow birds by the beaches during this time of year, but very nice people ( other than the murderers of course) and it was 86 yesterday.


                    1. Thanks babe. I am on my sofa watching Christmas vacation and not caring. I keep popping out to watch the fountains. Did you see last nights food? I should put the rest of it up. Had a couple of proper molecular moments.

                      Liked by 1 person

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