A new Blue 41

“Turn on the TV.” Andy says agitated late Friday night.

“What?” Blue asks.

“Now turn on the TV quickly. 133.” Andy says and Blue does.

“…and he fought off a knife wielding maniac and yet he’s the bad guy. We need more people like Blue and a lot less like Bea and Chris.” The TV comedian says.

“What was that?” Blue asks.

“You were just the subject of a late night monologue and he liked you. It’ll be on youtube later you should watch it was amazing babe, seriously, you win.” Andy says laughing.

“It’s cool but still kinda intrusive. I haven’t done anything, being separated at birth wasn’t my choice or my fault. I have no fucking control and I hate it.” Blue says angrily.

“You are over reacting.” Andy says.

“No I’m not. Sure it is cool that people are on my side but every moment like this fires the whole thing up again. I just want my private life back.” Blue says.

“Blue it has happened. I know it sucks and I know I would hate it if it was me but things are never going to go back to how they were. Every time you launch a product or do any publicity this will come up. We need to work out how to control the story.” Andy says.

“You’ve changed from 2 weeks ago.” Blue says.

“I’ve been thinking a lot. I also saw Chris to find out how all this happened.” Andy says.

“He wanted money and didn’t give a shit about anything else as usual.” Blue says.

“Sure money was a big driving factor but he and Bea, especially Bea are struggling, just like you are to understand how it happened. What lead your parents to create such a crazy toxic situation? Bea was hoping that they’d get opinions from psychologists. She was hoping therapists who specialized in this would come out.” Andy says.

“And none of that has happened.” Blue sighs.

“Actually she is talking to people and Clara and Cheryl have been helping her sift through who is real and who are scammers and kooks.” Andy says.

“Why hasn’t momma told me any of this?” Blue asks.

“You’d not believe her and uh I guess she thinks they have a right to privacy.” Andy snorts.

“So have they found anyone?” Blue asks.

“The legit ones seem to only want to work with the three of you. I know you don’t want to be a test subject, neither does Chris unless there is a lot of money in it and there never will be. Bea did meet with someone, a total kook who told her that her dad was a psychopath, and that he abused her, tried to plant loads of stuff in her head. It didn’t work, Bea is too smart for that but it freaked her out enough to give that reaction on TV. She knows her dad is plotting revenge on her.” Andy says.

“Anyone could have told her Paul is a psycho and been right.” Blue says.

“Your sympathy is all gone isn’t it? This TV thing doesn’t help. Spence has been asked to go on TV, due to the Jesse thing, he said no obviously.” Andy says.

“What’s happened? It sounds like you’re on their side. Honestly if you’re speaking with Bea and Chris just don’t call me. Don’t pretend its some fact finding for me.” Blue says.

“Seriously? You’d cut me off for talking to them? You don’t get to dictate like that.” Andy says.

“I need to know who is on my side. Clearly not you. I cannot talk to anyone who isn’t totally on my side other than momma. Because I can’t trust anyone right now. You think it is no big deal, that it is cool that I’m on tv when I haven’t done anything. Fuck I shouldn’t even be saying this much for all I know you sold the story about Jesse and me being close to expelled.” Blue says and hangs up feeling totally paranoid.

Blue runs to the bathroom and throws up over and over.  The thought that it could have been one of his friends who talked is killing him. He knows he was wrong to talk to Andy like that and risk their friendship when they’re back on track but he knows how Bea has manipulated everyone before.

“You can’t shit on your friends.” Birch says surprising Blue with a call.

“Who gave you my details?” Blue asks.

“Spence. Blue stop pushing people away.” Birch says.

“Fuck off. You took Bea’s side this summer. She’s fucking vermin and I cannot be talking to anyone who talks to her, you, Spence, And. None of you. I don’t need any of you.” Blue says and hangs up and calls Will before anyone else can call him.

“Sorry did I wake you?” Blue asks Will.

“Yeah, good to see you. What’s up?” Will asks. Blue explains about the TV spot and his arguments with Andy and Birch.

“Oh baby it never stops for you. You have me and I will never ever talk about you, other than when I tell people I have this amazing boyfriend. You can trust me.” Will says.

“I know. I trust Andy and Spence too but I don’t trust Bea and Chris, they are so devious. I chose to live where I do to escape my friends, maybe I should have sent Gervais away when he found me.” Blue says.

“You’re off camping tomorrow. Have a great time and forget everything. You know you can trust Nick. Get a haircut when you get back and people will forget you’re the guy from the Tv or whatever.” Will says.

“Should I call Andy?” Blue asks.

“Yes but you can let him stew for a week. I’ll call Spence tomorrow.” Will says.

“Thanks baby. I love you so much. How are you feeling?” Blue asks hating that he is such a drain on Will’s energy when Will should be totally focused on rehab.

“Sore and tired, but not too tired to talk.” Will says.

“You need to focus on rehab and getting your butt back here. I miss your kisses so much.” Blue says.

“I miss everything.” Will sighs.

“I might not be able to call for a few days.” Blue says.

“I know, do what you can. A voicemail is better than nothing baby. I love you.” Will says and Blue blows kisses before ending the call and crying himself to sleep. He knows he’s being a dick but he knows Bea could turn all his friends against him. He really wishes Spence had told her to fuck off.



“This looks like a good spot.” Nick says they have made it to the campsite and are wanting to get set up before dark.

“Yeah, it’s pretty quiet any way.” Blue says.

“I like it.” Brian, Nick’s friend says.

They get settled and Blue gets cooking, they stocked up on the way.

“Blue’s baked potatoes and fish, yummy.” Nick grins.

“I am so excited to finally taste the famous Blue’s cooking.” Brian says.

“I can’t guarantee much on a fire.” Blue grins.

“Blue makes the best baked potato soup you ever tasted, he’s a genius.” Nick says.

“What do you do Brian?” Blue asks.

“I’m a developer at a games company. Or I’m about to be, I just relocated to the city near you guys for a new position. I start next week, which is why Nick suggested this trip.” Brian says.

“Are you going to be at Orange Squirkle?” Blue asks.

“Yeah, most people have never heard of it.” Brian says.

“My friend Gervais will be interning this summer.” Blue says.

“Cool. I’ll have a friend in a couple of months. I am so socially awkward with new people.” Brian says.

“You’re fine with me.” Blue says.

“You are friends with Nick. Nick would never be friends with anyone bitchy or judgmental. So I figure I can relax.” Brian says.

“Oh I can be a total bitch. How did you two end up friends? I don’t see Nick as the outdoors type despite growing up on a farm.” Blue asks.

“Brian was my math tutor sophomore year and we really hit it off. He started dating my roommate and we became really close friends.” Nick says.

“I thought I’d lose Nick in the breakup, which was 4 months ago. But Nick took my side. He is shit at math but a brilliant friend.” Brian says.

“I am getting to know that. He and Ella are infuriating to work with but utterly lovely people.” Blue says and Nick blushes.

“We know we’re slow. We know we’re not leaders but we can follow tasks and we are finding our feet. Now you get us it is easier. We could never come up with plans or new flavors or organize shipping but broken down we can follow the steps and we know how to do things a second time without so many pointers.” Nick says.

“I know. I am sorry I wasn’t helpful at the start, I was so overwhelmed by all that was expected of me.” Blue says.

“Right you’re what 21 and Nick’s dad threw you in at the deep end.” Brian says.

“20, not 21 til the summer. I thought they just needed help with the ice-cream recipe and I got there and Nick and Ella were like goldfish when I asked for the business plan.” Blue laughs.

“We were awful. I can’t believe you stayed. We fed our mom the ice-cream that first night and she was shocked that it was so good the first day. She told us we were on to a winner and to keep at it. So we have, you, Tad and Cheryl have helped so much and Jett and Ollie are now too.” Nick says.

“I’m just glad you are enjoying it.” Blue says.

“It sounds pretty cool that you’re mostly so young and doing this. I’m kinda jealous, I always thought I’d be working for myself or in a cool startup and I ended up in a bank. It was amazing technically, I learned a lot but the end product did not float my boat. I am so glad I was laid off and had savings to allow me to find the right position.” Brian says.

“My friends, Gervais included have been working on a game for a while. They want to work for themselves.” Blue says.

“Cool. I have written a few little phone games but none have taken off.” Brian says.

“I’m hoping to cut back a little on the group ventures and do more of my yoga classes and work on my produce.” Blue says.

“We love your class. Mom has a list of people who want classes. You can name your price she said.” Nick says.

“Good. I figure I can cut the bakery to one shift a week, and just 2 days of ice-cream. That leaves me time for yoga and my growing.” Blue says.

“You do too much.” Nick says.

“Yoga is relaxing though and will make me more money, without risking anyone else’s.” Blue says.

“True. You’re lucky to have lots of talents. I’d love to be a stylist or something but I love my parents and I love living on the farm.” Nick says.

“You should be a shopper for your mom’s rich friends.” Brian says.

“He’s right you should.” Blue says and Nick blushes.

The trio eat and talk late into the night. Blue is happy to have another friend and is able to let go of all the shit he’s been dealing with and just have fun.



“Hey Will. Do you know where Blue is? He still won’t talk to me or reply to messages.” Andy says.

“He is camping with Nick. It’s likely he won’t have any service until he gets back on Thursday.” Will says.

“Is he still mad at me?” Andy asks.

“He needs time to cool off. He feels bad about what he said but he is terrified you will all be taking Bea’s side. His practical side understands why Spence gave her a room but his emotional side is devastated, that she is in your life too was too much for him to deal with.” Will says.

“I know. I thought I was helping, trying to get her onside so I could maybe find out her next move. She’s a mess though, Chris too. Their dad is fucking them over at every turn with the deals, trying to act as their agent even though they have made it clear he isn’t. He’s been a nightmare.” Andy says.

“So what? They started this. They had to know that their dad would muscle in. None of that is Blue’s fault. He needs loyal friends right now, he is paranoid and heartbroken and worried he will have to move again and start over. I don’t give a shit about Bea or Chris. If I could push them both off a cliff I would. I only care about Blue and how all this is affecting hm. Just remember Bea and Chris asked for it Blue didn’t.” Will says angrily.

“I get it I do. I love Blue too. I want what is best for him and I think playing both sides is in his interests.” Andy says.

“Just remember he sees you playing both sides as being on their side. He won’t see it another way.” Will says.

“Ugh he is difficult sometimes. I’ll make sure he knows I’m on his side. Thanks for telling me straight. How’s your arm doing?” Andy asks.

“My shoulder is doing better than my knee. It’ll take some time but I’m hopeful I’ll get back to where I was.” Will says.

“That’s cool. I hope everything works out for you. Ocean is so excited to be training with you this summer.” Andy says.

“I can’t wait to work with him. Always good to have a positive firecracker like Ocean around.” Will grins.

“He’s struggling with Blue’s notoriety. Hates to have to share his Blue with the world and really hates anyone bad mouthing him that doesn’t know him.” Andy says.

“I feel exactly the same. I hate how troubled Blue is by it all, how deeply hurt he is. But he feels how he feels and I just have to support him.” Will says.

“You love him a lot.” Andy says.

“I do.” Will says.

“I’m glad.” Andy says.


“Blue has a good one there.” Birch says, he’s been listening in across the room.

“Yeah I think so, he’s fully in Blue’s corner.” Andy says.

“Blue is right about Bea, she sucked me in n the summer. She plays a part until she gets what she wants and then flips a switch and becomes someone else. She is super sneaky don’t be drawn in at all. She s just using her current hurt and confused routine to win Clara from Chris or something. Stay away. The only person she has ever been remotely real with is Grant.” Birch says.

“You think she’s putting everything on?” Andy asks.

“I know she is. I expect she’s playing everyone, you, Clara, Chris, Paul.” Birch says.

“But her reaction to Paul on TV.” Andy says.

“I don’t know. I’m saying Blue is absolutely right to not trust anyone who is talking to her.” Birch says.

“I’ll back off. I have to.” Andy says.

“Your sister saw through her. Still does.” Birch says.

“I know, she’s been in my ear over it.” Andy grins.

“She’s a great kid. She runs that town.” Birch grins.



“How come you two didn’t date?” Blue asks the next day as the trio are fishing.

“Brian and Zach had a total love connection. I never saw Brian that way, when I found out he was gay he was dating Zach.” Nick says.

“Why did you split?” Blue asks.

“He wanted to fuck around but didn’t want me to. He turned into a total asshole the last year. He hated that I had a well-paid job and he was on minimum wage, hated the balance shift.” Nick says.

“Sounds like you’re over it fast.” Blue says.

“We’d been floundering for a year. It was an easy out for us both. I miss the man he was and I struggle some days but new job, new city, new start.” Bran says and Blue nods.

“I understand that.” Blue grins.

“Yeah Blue moved away, got a new business, new home and sexy new boyfriend.” Nick says.

“I’m so ready to be single.” Brian grins.

“We can have some fun nights out.” Nick grins.

“Hey invite me. I need to do more than work, especially with Will away.” Blue says.

“Of course. We’ll have fun.” Nick says.

That night Blue jerks off to the sounds of Nick and Brian fucking and adds his own cries as they all cum hard.

130 thoughts on “A new Blue 41

  1. Andy’ so daft sometimes. He and Spence for that matter aren’t blessed with any common sense! Birtch being the voice of reason? Wow! Very impressed!! He’s so right, it’s about time Clara sees who the other two really are and moves on! Bea and Chris will always be conniving spawn and only out for themselves! Nice for Blue to have a relaxing trip! Away from all the drama. Oh! Spence needs to kick Bea out!!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Right! Also, those two especially tend to forget about how Blue would feel. Even after all the stuff they’ve both pulled.

        I hope you’re still enjoying your holiday!! 😘

        Liked by 1 person

            1. That show ended a while ago and the free to see tiger enclosure is a burger place now. But you can see the tigers in the secret garden. Other than Penn and Teller I’ve not seen a good magic show here so I don’t know if others use them.

              Liked by 1 person

                    1. I’ll make it up to you somehow…. I will win my Sammy back 😘😘😘😘😘





                    2. Despite you being top of my list, I wish you’d been with me at brunch today. Would have loved to have seen your face at the dessert station. I put a video up but I went a bit fast.


                    3. I’m sat on the sofa with you on my lap, your arms are round my neck and you’re head is bowed onto my chest as you’re feeling a bit low. You keep fidgeting as you can’t get your long legs comfy but you want to stay where you are. I’ve one arm round your back rubbing you gently sometimes massaging your neck a little, my other hand is high up your inner thigh, reminding you I find you sexy as hell, even though we’re just snuggling right now. You squeeze me tightly and push us over so we’re horizontal with you on top…..

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. Just checked in to my other hotel and it was only a bridge away but so much standing water on it that I don’t wanna go out.
                      Was going to the buffet here for dinner but not any more, might go to the tapas place.
                      Gonna laze a bit then maybe go gamble some more.
                      What you up to?


      1. yep and talked him into some kind of happiness….. why did he think any good could come from speaking to Chris and Bea he really hates them and basically anything that has gone wrong for him in the last two tears was mostly by their hand with a couple of exceptions

        Liked by 1 person

            1. treated – not tested…he even had told Blue how mean they were to each other and others – including him! Now, he wants to be friendly and believes them!??! Poor Andy…

              Liked by 1 person

  2. ANDY YOU BETTER STAY AWAY FROM THAT LYING SNEAKY CONNIVING SKANK! Uh Uh she ain’t no good. The betch is a walking sob story. You had one job. All you had to do was record the betch breaking down tellin the truth. Aint nobody ask you to be the liberator. Her oppression is her own problem. She needs to suck it up.. the whiny brat. Didn’t she want Blue to just get over his issues with her in aussie and not apologize? Well Paul damn sure ain’t gonna apologize unless it’s for a price so move on lol.

    P.S. What is Brian looking like? He sound cute. I likes me a gamer boy. o.o

    Liked by 1 person

      1. An aussie stud in nothing but an apron, with his favorite treats in hand, rdy to give many cuddles, fucks, and pampering. Get to work mister. If you need training I’ll be your test subject. 😈😇😘


                    1. It’ll be ok. I’ll be his Blue and he can be my Andy. Come Markybear I make you fabulous treats and you can hold me from behind like Andy does Blue while I bake. 😍😍😍


                    1. its never too late is it…… altho realistic speaking we are tens of thousands kilometres apart heck when I daydream of my future I am always single in them not because of what I want just the realism in me knowing that fact lol


                    2. I know that is part that blows big time as nobody in my actual life I can chat to as freely as you…. you are always there to cheer me up when I am down also and I hope I can do same on occasions to you……


      1. Yeah, but I could totally see Chris manipulating the situation, and make it seem like blue got Andy to do it, to ruin his life blah blah.

        He’s an unscrupulous slippery, lying fucker… And the more I think about it, the more I want him.


          1. I had a two hour sleep at my fb’s place. I’m sitting at the airport now, attempting to drink Redhill, but everytime it gets near my mouth, the smell makes me want to chunder.

            I feel like everyone is watching me too. Like they know what I’ve got in my bag… Nevermind. 🍉🍊🍋

            I hate airports at Xmas.


  3. Oh Andy you silly silly boy. Birch is finally seeing how Bea really is, a little too late though. Will you are gaining points in my book but you’ve been words so far no actions. Blue baby you seriously need a psychologist, I took a couple of classes for a taste of your cake I’ll give you three free sessions on my bed. I mean couch. Bea and Chris are welcome too although they may not like my diagnosis

    Liked by 1 person

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