Ocean Blue 50

Spence has been flirting with one of his crew, Craig, all week. Somehow, they have gotten to talking about their fantasies and preferences over lunch breaks and decide to have some fun after work on Friday. They have a good idea of each other’s limits and Spence is putting his trust in Craig completely. He’s horny all day and slopes off early to shower and clean up.

Craig drives by the retreat to collect Spence and Spence is hard as he gets into the car.

“You look good.” Craig says.

“Thanks, you do too. All manly after a hard day’s work.” Spence says and Craig grins.

They park up and Craig grabs a large bag out of the trunk, he hands it to Spence to carry. It is heavy and Spence smiles, fun awaits.

They hike deep into the woods and Spence’s smile doesn’t leave his face, a rough encounter outdoors is always great by him.

They stop and Spence puts the bag down. Craig sits on a tree stump and motions Spence over.

“Nothing like warming up with a little over the knee action.” Craig says and Spence smiles and then looks at the floor, finding his space.

Lying across Craig’s lap Spence takes in the smell of him after a hard physical day. He appreciates Craig’s thigh muscles and wow he has big hands, Spence thinks as the first few blows come down. Mmm he murmurs in his head, this is good.

Craig is delighted to have such a willing playmate and is chubbed up from the spanking, now they’re warmed up it is time to get to business.

“Strip off. Lets see if you have any color in those cheeks.” Craig says.

Spence quickly complies. He’s hard again, not at all embarrassed. Craig is so commanding, sending Spence right to his submissive space with a look and a giant palm.

“Spread your legs a little.” Craig says and Spence complies.

Craig gets leg spreader from his bag, adjusts it a little and then swiftly cuffs Spence’s ankles. Spence groans. He loves this.

“Arms up.” Craig says and cuffs Spence’s wrists together and loops a second set of cuffs round the first and secures them to a tree branch.

“You need to understand that I am making all your choices tonight, that I am fully in control. I am in control of all of you.” Craig says.

“I understand.” Spence says, helpless, immobile.

Craig places a blindfold over Spence’s eyes and heavy-duty ear defenders over his ears. A shiver runs down Spence’s spine. He is totally Craig’s plaything now.

Craig looks at the stunning man in front of him. Spence did not let up his own workout when he became a coach or when he got married and looks like he is carved from marble, from his strong calf muscles to his thick neck, Spence is stunning. A little premature grey at his temple only adds to his overall appeal. Spence will be a handsome man all his life, age will only add to his appeal.

Craig checks his bag and grabs the whip, he wouldn’t usually go in so hard but he knows Spence wants it and the shock of the sting will be exquisite as Spence won’t be able to hear it coming.

Two hits, Spence yelps and groans. Craig smiles and rubs Spence’s ass, loving the instant coloring. Craig strips off, he is so hard and wants to be comfortable.

He strikes again, three swift strikes, Spence yells out and groans at the after sting, loving and hating it all at once. Craig steps forward and massages Spence’s ass with one hand and his dick with the other. Spence’s cock springs back up, despite the sting he is feeling in his tail. Craig’s giant hand on his dick feels so good, rough, sexy.

Craig steps back and repeats and repeats and repeats. Edging Spence closer and closer to the brink between each beating. Spence is begging for more of everything. Every time the hand job stops he wants more, every time the whipping stops he wants more. The pleasure and pain is mixing so beautifully. Spence is trapped, only his voice is free and he can barely hear himself. He is in sheer ecstasy as Craig’s dick brushes his thigh.

“Oh my god. This is everything.” Spence groans as his dick is stroked again, he doesn’t notice the sting, though his ass is red raw.

Craig is beyond turned on himself. He loves the power and control he has right now. He needs to cum. He wraps up and slicks Spence’s hole. Spence groans so loudly, so ready.

Craig adjusts the spreader a little, making sure Spence keeps balance and then thrusts in swiftly. Spence yelps, not ready and so ready. He loves being used like this. A hole for his master. Craig uses Spence to get his pleasure, driving himself deep between Spence’s muscular buns.

Spence moans and yelps, Craig loves it, loves how welcoming Spence’s ass is, how much he clearly loves dick, Spence’s ass is totally made for his cock.

Craig pulls out and bursts his load over Spence’s ass. He stands and admires his work for a moment, watching his thick load run down Spence’s bright red cheeks.

He gets dressed and sets Spence’s ankles free and takes off the ear defenders.

“We’re going for a walk. Don’t you dare touch that dick.” Craig says.

“Yes sir.” Spence replies.

Craig takes off the blindfold and finally lets Spence’s arms free. Packs up the bag and hands it to Spence.

Spence is just in his socks and sneakers, his dick is still hard and throbbing, his balls on the verge of over flowing. The break in the sex is uncomfortable and yet wonderful. Showing Spence his orgasm is irrelevant tonight.

Any time Spence’s hand moves close to his dick Craig gives him a hard stare. Spence looks at the ground, he should know how to control himself by now. They walk briskly through the woods to the bunkhouse where Craig and the crew and other temporary workers are staying, on the edge of Deke’s family property.

“Your ass is a beautiful color. A ruby red. Glorious and I want to show you off. Show others how proud I am of you.” Craig says. Spence’s face glows the same color as his ass. His chest puffs up and the humiliation from the naked walk falls away.

Oh hell, his crew seeing him like this is right at his limit and yet he wants to do it. Wants to show off Craig’s work. He feels amazing, empowered and humble at once. He needs this.

Craig opens the door and Spence walks in beside him. His head instantly bows, the shame washes over him. He’s naked, hard and has an ass like a baboon. Fuck knows how he’ll look at these guys next week.

“Head up, be proud.” Craig says and Spence takes a deep breath and follows Craig fully into the room.

“On that bed there, head down, ass high in the air.” Craig says and Spence complies, totally back in his submissive space, fully humiliated again.

“I’ve brought a hole home if anyone wants a turn.” Craig says offering Spence up to the room.

Two guys shuffle forward and Craig hands them both condoms.

The first guy is rough and quick, using Spence, any port in a storm. He lets out a deep guttural groan as he bursts his nut and Spence moans and gasps at the swiftness. So many fantasies are being fulfilled tonight.

Craig lies on the bed next to Spence and slowly starts to jerk off. Spence looks at him and grins. Craig’s big hands make his thick dick look like a cocktail sausage but he is so light with his touch. Spence is utterly hypnotised.

The second guy has a little more finesse than the first and takes a good long time, Spence wants to jerk but knows Craig will object. As he’s getting fucked a third guy approaches, looking intently at hid phone while having one hand down his shorts. Spence notices Craig’s demeanour change and suddenly he starts to make a much bigger show of jerking off.

Spence is so close to the edge, the show from Craig, the cock ploughing him and this mystery guy ignoring him is so much, he feels on the brink all the time, his spot is his every third or fourth stroke and he thinks he might cum hands free but can’t quite get to the edge. He feels amazing. The second guy pulls out and nuts all over the floor.

“Nice one Craig, that is one smooth hole.” The guy says and walks away.

Spence beams.

The third guy rests his phone on Spence’s back and pushes in slowly. Spence stares at Craig who is clearly starring at the guy who is pushing in.

The guy, Wyatt is alternating by watching the video on his phone and Craig caressing his dick. Wyatt is kryptonite to Craig, catnip, heroin. If Craig had known Wyatt would be in tonight he would never have bought Spence in. From Spence’s face Craig knows he has lost a second shot, unless Wyatt isn’t interested.

Wyatt is the other gay guy in the bunkhouse. The others who fucked Spence are just happy to get off with a human. Any hole will do. Wyatt and Craig are the only two who don’t partake when a woman who is up for it is brought back. Up here they are easier to find than Craig expected. Hippies on a journey, who think they are having a sixties free love experience, frustrated women back from college, widows. Women up here don’t seem to have many hang ups. Though Craig exclusively likes cock.

“On your back. I need to see that dick.” Wyatt says to Craig.

Spence looks to Craig for instruction. He snaps out of his thoughts and looks at Spence and nods.

“Come on over. Both pretty dicks up close.” Wyatt says and Craig lies next to Spence.

“You did a fine job on this ass, such a pretty color and what a gorgeous hole. You got him stretched just right to fit me.” Wyatt says and Craig nods. Spence bites his lip, the alpha of his alpha is inside him. Spence shudders at the realisation and stops paying Craig any attention.

Fuck Wyatt has a thick dick.

“Play with your dick. Come on give me a show, I need a decent visual to get off. Your ass isn’t that perfect.” Wyatt says. Spence winces and groans at the put down.

Craig takes Spence’s dick in his hand.

“You too hole. Stroke Craig. Come on I’m going soft.” Wyatt says, feeling rock hard to Spence, god he feels full.

Spence reaches out and begins jerking Craig off. He’s soon back on the brink, full sensory overload, a thick cock in his hole, a hot brute jerking his dick and Craig’s wonderful meat in his own.

“Should I suck you?” Spence asks.

“Fuck no.” Wyatt says before Craig can answer.

Spence looks up and takes the guy in. He’s younger than Spence expected. Built like an athlete but clearly a manual worker like Craig. Hot. So fucking hot.

“Oh god, oh, oh.” Spence groans as suddenly everything comes into focus, the hot guy, the sting in his ass, the room full of his crew and Craig’s giant hands.

Wyatt ups the pace and suddenly looks across the room. Spence follows his gaze. Another guy is jerking off, close to the end. Spence starts to shoot and Craig joins him. Wyatt slams and slams into him, pumping the cum out of Spence and making it spray everywhere. He pulls out and covers Spence and Craig while not looking at them at all.

“Holy shit.” Spence groans.

“Great pick up Craig. I’d like to use that again.” Wyatt says and walks off to the shower block.

“Who was that?” Spence asks.

“Wyatt. Hottest fucking guy ever.” Craig says sadly.

“Thanks for today. It was amazing. All of it. I feel about one inch tall right now. So fucking vulnerable. I needed that. You are amazing.” Spence says.

“Thanks. It was a lot of fun. I’d love to try something else some time. Do you need some ice?” Craig asks.

“Nah I’ll go up to Clara’s and take a soak. Can I have my clothes back now?” Spence asks.

“Sure. Uh, how did I do? Really?” Craig asks.

“You were amazing. I just said. Fuck I am jelly, you tanning my hide and four cocks. Man I did not expect that. Amazing. Why the doubt, you were so fucking together, so powerful. You must know the effect you have.” Spence says.

“Wyatt. I lose all sense of my dominance around him. I rarely bottom but find myself bending over just incase when he walks in. I would never have brought you here if I knew he was going to be here.” Craig says.

“He is dreamy.” Spence says getting up and getting dressed.

“I’ll call you.” Craig says as Spence leaves.

“Hey need a ride?” Wyatt asks coming out of the shower block as Spence comes out.

“Yeah, that would be great.” Spence says.

“Where to?” Wyatt asks.

“I need a bath, do you know Clara’s place?” Spence asks.

“Everyone knows Clara’s place. Could I get in the tub with you. The bunkhouse shower block aint exactly the Hilton you know?” Wyatt says.

“Yeah of course. She has a pretty open door policy.” Spence grins.

“Can you wait while I grab some clothes?” Wyatt asks.

“Sure, bring a few days worth. I have a kingsize bed at the retreat, the bunkhouse was fine for sex but I can’t imagine you get much sleep on those beds.” Spence says surprised at his forwardness.

“I’m in.” Wyatt grins and comes back with a bulging backpack a few minutes later.

An hour later they are soaking in the tub together.

“So you have a thing for guys wanking. How did that start?” Spence asks.

“Whats your name?” Wyatt asks.

“Spence. Sorry Craig told me you are Wyatt, I forgot to introduce myself.” Spence grins.

“You’re the boss. Holy shit, that scene was brave.” Wyatt says impressed.

“Yeah. I’m not sure it was the best idea, but ugh it was amazing start to finish.” Spence grins.

“I do love to see a guy play with his meat. In high school I played football. I made varsity sophomore year. The captain was this six foot eight senior, African American, so fucking sexy with the best body I ever saw, even to this day, pure muscle.

First game of the year and we won. He came out of the showers with a full erection, sat on the bench, grabbed a bottle of lube and started jerking off right there in front of us all. He was reciting out loud the best parts of the game, the plays, the score, totally getting off on the great job we’d done. It was fucking mesmerising.

When he was close, I followed his eyeline, just like you did with me tonight and this guy, one of the smaller guys was also pumping his meat, way more discreetly but pumping. I got out of there so fast and I whacked off five or six times as soon as I got home to as many jerk off vids as I could find.

I love sex but nothing, nothing gets me going like a guy beating his meat. The more public the better.” Wyatt says and looks at Spence and grins.

“Fuck that is hot.” Spence grins.







97 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 50

  1. Sam, oh dear Sam. you don’t need to stop writing. you just need to rest. revive your mind and spirit, with a little sex on the side and you’ll be good to go. this story has so much more to grow and give. and regardless of what you say, I know that you’re as emotionally attached to these characters as we are. Idea: Blue gets himself back to normal and lays out a plan for everyone to live at the retreat and fulfill their dreams.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I would love the back story on each of them as it would be great to see what shaped each of the characters who are so real to me and their teen years would help explain a lot about who they are today.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. well, hang in there. where are you at that it’s so hot? i didn’t think London got that hot. here in East Texas it has been unusually mild and I’m glad for it. but today is the first day of summer here, so the heat is on its way.


    1. It’s been 33 here which is very hot for here. Our houses are built to retain heat so we all boil when it happens. Glad I’m not in Phoenix where it’s too hot in the afternoon for planes to take off….

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I suggest that the readers should go back to the home page and read ” the cast in their own words”. it’ll refresh your memory of the beginnings and give you a new perspective of the story. at least it has for me.

    Liked by 1 person

                  1. you may be running out of steam but not the story. the relationship of blue and gervais is the story now. lots of potential there. but I hope for happiness and contentment into their latter years. a life we all want. 😓

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I’ve had a rough week, and it is hard to be motivated. 2.5 weeks and I’ll be on hols. And I might get motivated to write, as an excuse to stay in my lovely air con room when it’s hot as hell outside.
                      Or I’ll be wasted.

                      Liked by 1 person

        1. Noooo! I literally thought his name was Spemcer!

          I can’t get a boner for someone called Bertram!

          It was bad enough with a Craig! You just know that someone called Craig is going to have a weird pube-situation going on.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Fine, you got me there.

              My mother raised me to not discriminate, so I can only assume she intended me to fuck everyone equally…

              Even if their names are boner-killers. 😛

              Blue collar is a bonus too.

              Liked by 1 person

        1. not necessarily differently, just refreshed my memory of the characters before they evolved to how I view them now. even though I have started to read the story from the beginning again, their own introductions brings a newness to it. very refreshing, you might say.

          Liked by 2 people

            1. all have changed except maybe Andy. with him, it has always been about sex, and only sex. funny how that worked out. sort of true to life. I bet you didn’t plan it that way. but it does portray a realness to the world we live in today.

              Liked by 3 people

                1. I agree! Spence is the adult amongst them and the rest are getting there but much work to do on their parts! In many ways Ocean is more the adult than many of the others.

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. Why you sad lets put a smile back on face



                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Blue is stuck in time due to 7 plus years of hell. Survival first stifled growth and mental development plus no one to interact with. Living in hell does that🙁

                      Liked by 1 person

  5. That was hawt. I’m not the biggest proponent of spanking (until I’m in the the moment) but damn. I liked that.

    Also, to all the daddies I’ve known and loved… Happy father’s Day.

    I’m going hunting for some salt and pepper today… Well, without leaving the house. Lol

    Liked by 2 people

      1. A (slightly) older called Ian is comming over after he finishes work! He’s a landscape Gardner that’s willing to roleplay. 😀

        Abandoned crippled son with daddy issues, or returned son from war that’s injured?

        (To be honest I give up on roleplay after about 5 minutes. I always end up laughing and saying the cheesiest, crass shit I can think up.)

        By the way, are you into the stuff that you wrote in this chapter, or was it fan service?

        Liked by 1 person

                  1. I read somewhere that displaying attributes associated with delayed gratification are an important fraught of growing up…

                    Either that, or I just really want to blow a load on a hairy chest :p

                    I went three days without any interest in sex, and then last night at about 9:30, BOOM! I was back. I think it was the painkillers, which sucks since I love how smooth they make me feel.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Good point… Then I’d end up with another body, and would have to order in another ginge… 😛

                      The doctor told me explicitly not to mix sleeping tablets with painkillers and booze… But only after I asked him, so couldn’t be that bad right?

                      This guy is getting louder as the moon sets…

                      Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely, I love the idea of the alpha of alphas. Where Andy comes back to create a shit storm and Wyatt puts him in his place and getting him out of Spence’s life

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Sammy Sammy Sammy that was so freaking hot! Now I’ve got to read it again tonight! It was hotter than that ramen I just had💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    Liked by 3 people

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