Ocean Blue 52

After a few weeks at the lake everyone has their rhythm and are content. Spence and Wyatt have quickly become a couple and Clara has found them a home near the gym, on the property of one of her elderly friends. Spence is more than happy to visit with them and help out with shopping and chores and Wyatt happily follows Spence’s lead.

Spence being happy means he is being easier on Andy in the divorce. Spence just wants it to be over. Andy seems to be accepting it and isn’t pushing back too much. Clara is worried that Katelyn is bankrolling him but knows Katelyn is generally careful and won’t give more than she can afford to.

Will and Blue have been enjoying their class together. Will is working on what he might like to do as a career and Blue is working through his feelings around his isolation. They have enjoyed being amongst similarly struggling people and the art itself. Blue’s love of drawing the nature around him has returned in spades and Will finds himself painting the sky over and over.

Gervais keeps an eye on the friendship but his insecurity is dissipating. Blue is in his bed every night and shows no signs of wanting to be anywhere else. Gervais has seen how happy Larry and Chris are here and is expecting them to return after Chris finishes school. It worries him a little but it also gives him and Blue the freedom to go wherever they please.

Blue has been looking at properties online, he too has seen that it is obvious Chris will want to settle here, Blue knows he can’t. Being on good terms with Clara is one thing, having her in his day to day life long term is another. He knows he should be looking with Gervais but he wants this to be his place. Just his. Maybe not to live in year-round but where he can escape to and be himself.

Birch is back from tour and has slotted back in to the group. He’s close to Robin and Will and the three are keeping a close eye on Blue. They all have differing theories on what is up with him and what he needs to do to feel himself. Will doesn’t share what Blue says in art class but joins in with the speculation from the other two. All three agree Blue is holding back and isn’t himself.

Chris is also trying to keep an eye on his siblings but most the time he forgets, he is working hard with the vet and playing hard with Larry. He tries to make time for Blue and Bea but it isn’t as much as he thinks he should.

“You are looking happy.” Blue says to Will as they head to class.

“The kids are coming up with their grandparents for spring break. They miss me and want to see me.” Will says with a smile.

“With Aled?” Blue asks.

“No. He’s working. I’m excited. Can we take them out on your boat?” Will asks.

“Of course, you know how to sail it. I am sure we can get some kids lifejackets too.” Blue smiles.

“Cool. I want everything to go smoothly.” Will says.

“l am so happy for you. I know it was so hard letting them go.” Blue says.

“l feel so much guilt but I think taking an uncle like role in their lives is good for all of us. They love their grandparents and they can give them true stability. When Aled and I have new partners it will be easier for them to not be around them full time. They have had enough change.” Will says.

“l know it is hard for you. I know you miss them. But in some ways I am glad you have a clean slate to move forward with.” Blue says.

Will gives Blue a look.

“Shit sorry. I didn’t mean they were a millstone or anything. I know you are doing what is best for them and you hate that it means they are not with you.” Blue says ashamed.

“I wish I could give them the life they deserve. It’ll be easier for them with their grandparents and they can afford to give them a good life.” Will says quietly.

Blue turns and hugs Will closely wanting to take away his pain.

“Thanks Blue. I am so glad I can count on you.” Will says.

“Always.” Blue says.

“You look happy, did you complain about my monster cock in class?” Gervais asks when Blue gets back in.

“Always. You know I never have to bitch about you. You’re the best.” Blue says and kisses his cheek.

“Is it helping?” Gervais asks.

“Yeah. I feel connected to nature again. All hippie nonsense I suppose but it is the way I was raised.” Blue says.

“I remember that hippie out of water at school. We all think of the real you as the guy I turned you in to. George and I totally screwed you up. You became strong and amazing but maybe the real you is that carefree hippie kid you were before you met us. Not one who takes on the world and thinks he has to look after everyone.” Gervais says.

“I guess so. Momma brought me up to give back, not give all of me. Maybe you’ve cracked it. I thought Will and Birch knew me best. My true character but maybe it is you after all.” Blue says.

“Will was amazing for you. He did know you inside out. But he knew you inside out, after you’d already changed so much. Birch is a prick and you should remember what he did to you. I know that is rich coming from me. But hell, his life was a fucking walk in the park, he had no reason to be such a fucking bitch.” Gervais says, still mad at Birch for what he did on his visit.

“I’ve been looking at places to buy. Just me.” Blue admits quietly.

“That makes sense. You need to know you’re not trapped or tied to me. You don’t need to hide things Blue, I know your needs are different now. And I think its pretty hot that my boyfriend owns a vacation home. Though I doubt it will be as fancy as Spence’s beach house.” Gervais smiles. Blue beams at Gervais response.

“You don’t mind?” Blue asks.

“No, we’re not one person. We are coping pretty well doing a few separate things and we will do more. If we do everything together we’ll have nothing to think about. You going to show me these places?” Gervais asks.

“Yeah. Some are fancy and some not. I looked at some fishing cabins and some lake houses.” Blue says.

“I’d kind of like our home to be a lake house, but if you want a more rural one then for your bolt hole that is okay too. And a fishing shack, well nothing would suit you more. I have no problem with you heading off every few weeks to fish, especially if it coincides with a new game coming out, and it means I can play for 72 hours without you being on my case.” Gervais says with a bright smile.

“You should get back into games. You always loved it and I know you said you didn’t want to make it a career you did like working for Jeremy, even if he was a perv.” Blue says.

“I want to. Birch and I have been talking about a collaboration with Robin. He’s been experimenting with some characters and fantasy scenes. Don’t tell anyone, it is such a departure from his normal style and he doesn’t want it to affect his brand as it’s a risk. He might be a prick, but he has talent.” Gervais says.

“Maybe I could help with story ideas.” Blue says.

“Would you be okay with me bankrolling Robin’s share? If the three of us started a company? Birch has made loads of money. Robin is getting some from his settlement but doesn’t have the same sort of money to invest. Its just an idea right now.” Gervais says.

“A very exciting one. I don’t want you to just follow me in my plans. We always planned that I would be on the property and you’d be out coding.” Blue says quietly.

“Or in my home office watching you run through your vines with the kids.” Gervais says, saying aloud their shared dream makes everything feel back on track.

“Yeah. I really, really want that for you. I just don’t feel up to running a business, a vineyard, not yet. Ask Birch, Will and Robin to dinner tomorrow. I have an idea and I want to see how feasible it is. Oh and for sure we should help Robin out with his share. In fact, I think if I gifted him his share it might make things easier between the three of you, so its equal.” Blue says.

“I can see your mind racing. You have a plan.” Gervais grins.

“You sparked an idea. I want to support your dreams.” Blue says.

“Wait, why does Will need to be involved tomorrow?” Gervais asks.

“All part of the idea. He needs a new focus too. Is that okay? He’s had a tough time too and we’re good for each other, I think.” Blue says.

“l told you, I’m not insecure about your friendship. Not now. You love me and he is in no state to be in a relationship. His trust in guys must be pretty dead since Aled.” Gervais says.

“That is so true, he shouldn’t be with anyone right now. And I am with you. I choose you. you are all mine.” Blue says with a smile.

“This booty is all mine.” Gervais says grabbing Blue’s ass.

“Yes it is.” Blue smiles.

“I am going to play with this ass for hours and hours.” Gervais grins.

“Oh yeah?” Blue asks wriggling away. Gervais catches his wrist and pulls him back. They kiss and fuck and laugh together, enjoying each other’s bodies to the fullest.

Blue and Gervais lie back on their bed staring at the ceiling, holding hands, giggling when they’re done. Something has shifted. Now the business pressure is off Blue he feels so much lighter. Admitting he doesn’t want to pursue his old dreams right now makes him feel lighter and focusing on Gervais and his dream is making him feel good. He knows it might not be entirely healthy but he feels really good.

“This is my Blue.” Gervais says.

“You’re more like you too.” Blue says.

“I really feel like we’ve reset the clock. This time I am staying with you, not running off with Fergus. I really feel the second chance, I appreciate every second. I love you like crazy Blue.” Gervais says.

“That is it. We are starting over for real. I love you crazy lots too.” Blue says kissing Gervais nose.

148 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 52

  1. Ok, I’m totally willing to sign off on the name Wyatt.

    I ended up on an IMDB page with Jodie Foster and Mark Harmon.

    I fucking love it when blokes look like blokes. Even if they like stupid sports.

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              1. For the first time in my life I actually feel open to meeting someone i could marry… I mean, obviously it would be horrible for the!. 😛

                I’ve written a bunch of stuff, but it’s not… Nice. I’ll tweet you tomorrow.

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    1. Hey Tommy. I think there will always be a little hope. Blue and Will are friends, Blue wants to include Will in his plans for the future. Gervais has been known to fuck up. Right now I’ve no plans to rock the boat, but I do want to see what develops when Will and Blue are mentally on better ground.

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      1. Will mentally is not ready for a relationship I sense ne needs Will time to heal the wounds (Yes I am off the hating Will train now)

        Only Andy is on my hate list now and I feel really happy after reading this chapter and poor Chris where even with what time he spends with Blue thinks its not enough he is a sweetie and his own worst critic at same time.

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        1. Chris is back on his dreams now with lovely stable Larry supporting him. And Blue, Bea and Clara as a complete family. He is secure enough to be able to put family on the back burner I think. He knows they’ll forgive his lack of effort.

          Will needs some serious healing time. You have the advantage of knowing Blue’s plan .

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                1. Awww you are such a darn cutie.
                  I’m watching heston week. Watched earth in bed this morning, when you were giving me those best cuddles. Now watching the air one. They should be making my fave drink the salt air margarita.

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                    1. Sarah in particular just did rubbish. Diana they got in her head, it wasn’t a bad idea but they totally made her second guess herself. Have you seen earth too?


                    2. Okay so poor sam being paired with the pig headed idiot. Not that his dessert was amazing, or even the concept he wanted (why not layer it in a glass so it looks like those sand ornaments). Just watching air now, didn’t know you had salt flats in oz.
                      Do you like your man to bring you just because gifts?


                    3. Callum put them in that elimination with that disaster of a savory dish and he tried to make something work than use what was there ie chocolate with lamb/beef was a recipe for disaster.

                      Both Sammies are perfect 🙂

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                    4. Callum is so stuck on having to do sweet and savoury every time. Hes a dick now. Over him.
                      You’re so ducking my questions.
                      Like would a cupcake in a box or flowers work or would you give a bigger smile if I handed over a take out burger and chips and a milkshake?

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                    5. wasn’t intentional just caught up in masterchef discussion and my hate for Callum remember I have never liked the twat lol

                      Gifts you can give me love a good works hamburger 😘😘😘😘😘😘

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                    6. Betroot I love but won’t complain without it what it must have is a fried pineapple circle, fried egg, bacon and a meat pattie as well as caramelised onions 😘😘😘😘

                      Am I toooo fussy?

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                    7. Yeah, egg on the side for me. I’ll have cheese instead. You are super handsome and alllllllllll mine, well today anyway. Come here 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😜😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🍑😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🍆😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💦


                    8. Sorry for scaring you off. Just finished air and was happy with the team that won. Felt for Michelle though, she had so little support. Elouise is doing great stuff now.

                      I’d totally cook you pork belly and my secret red cabbage dish.


                    9. I never saw it before, was the most delicious magnum ever. Honeycomb in the outer choc and a caramel ice cream inside. Soooooooooooooo good. I’m in my flat.


                    10. woke up with a headache but got better as the day progressed…. you sound excited for end of Temp Job then Sammy is off to travel for summer😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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                    11. Awww poor head. Have you drunk enough? Do I need to come and nurse you? We’ll have to work out when we can chat when I’m gone, we got grumpy last time as it was hard.


      1. I think he has what it takes to do so, it’s going to be a lot of communication and some c9mpromises bit ultimately I can see their kids running around chasing each other while they are enjoying life

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        1. Rocking chairs on the porch. Grandkids at their feet. I’m throwing in a major change of scene next. We’ll see if they survive that. I get the feeling it will be on Blue this time if it ends.


  2. lm loving the b/g dynamic!!!😄😄
    but why no hot description of the sex? you know we need that, right?

    can’t wait to see what blue what blues plan is.

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      1. Noah will be cute, small, fragile, half long blond hair. A little bit girlisch, slutty. But with a massive dick😜 Submissive only voor Robin, who will treat him likewise. Wyatt is Jealous at Robin because he wants To spank Noah and Robin don’t allow. Both are alfa males around Noah. Noah likes that and shakes his little bubble butt each time when he is around them. It drives them crazy😘

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  3. Loved this chapter. The dream of the vineyard with the kids running through it is back. A gaming venture with Blue as a silent partner sounds perfect. Nothing he could get roped into running and doing all the work.

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  4. -sniffles- Blue & Gervais are so adorable. I am in that loving cutesy mood today. Everyone’s love is making me all ooey gooey inside. I need to find me a nice man like Gervais. 😭😳😭😳

    That’s such a sweet chapter. Let me go call my….friend and tell him I need snuggles. lol

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      1. Awww Bellybaby.. Bask in the loovveee! Come over and be my snuggle buddy. I cover you in kisses and flowers and free blow jobs all night. You can be my Bellykins. 😘😘😘

        Hahaha. 😁

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        1. Snuggling? Non-rage based kisses? Flowers?

          Do you honestly hate me that much!? 😛

          I’ll take the blowie though. If they’re bad though, you needn’t bother… 😛

          And Bellykins???!??! Why I oughta….

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            1. Great, now some poor schmuck has to vacuum that shit up. 😛

              And I’ve always had a fetish for catatonic crying men. It’s why I could never be an ambulance drivers with how easy sexual assaults is thrown around. 😛

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          1. Well from that response I can only conclude u are absolutely positively head over heels in looovee with me. Hahaha. Wedding bells anyone? I shall be Marcus Bama. I like the sound of that. I put a flower ring around yo dick and promise to love you everyday unless Charmed or Sailor Moon is on. Then idk you for an hour but I shall always come running back to you…for as long as you clean my home, offer good dick, cook the meals, and bring home the bacon. Your money is our money. My money is my money. Lol. There is also a no clothing policy in my home, you are meant for 24 hour oogling and if you snore the porch is resting place every night. It gets cool at nights here so you’ll be fine. LOVE YOU BOO! 😁😘😁

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              1. Yes that is another clause to add to my vows. But I’m not a heavy drinker so instead of drunk I’ll just go grind against every hot guy at the bar and come home horned up and rdy to go XD

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                  1. Goddamnit! 😛

                    A man takes a bath, and comes back to his meandering betrothed already planning on having an affair, with you conspiring with him!

                    I’ll keep this in mind for the prenup… 😛

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                    1. Uh uhhhhh. I would never cheat on you…so publicly. lol I would think you would be happy I used another man to get me going so you don’t have to do much since you’re recovering and all. See babe I was thinkin of you. 😁

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              1. Shannon was queen. When she banged Bane she made this hoe so proud because damn was he hot. However the true queen will always be Holly because can’t nobody pop a baby out her pussy and not blow everything up like she can. Hahaha.

                P.S. In our prenuptial agreement you will pay me the sum of 1 million dollars if you treat me as horrid as the other men in yo life. At least I had the decency to not bring my other hoes in your presence. lol

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                  1. On you? Ofc. That’s a policy I’ll definitely be claiming. It’s ok I’ll slip the poison in my famous mac n cheese. I’ll even let you go out with a hard bang. In the end it’ll be like you had a stroke and shat yourself from all the cheese. Be sure to leave in writing you want to be cremated as well. haha 😜

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                    1. I don’t eat, silly. At least not in front of people.

                      I do it once a year, ontop of a mountain in Switzerland, where no-one can see me. Just the same as I limit my bowel movements to Finland…

                      And I don’t want cremation! I want to be layed on a rock and pecked at by birds. Or put on a flaming boat and sent to sea.

                      … Or fed to Kirstie Alley.

                      (And Mac and Cheese?!? Ive never eaten it before lol. But eh. If I’m gonna die, may as well be doing something new.)

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                    2. BLOOD ORGIE!!!!

                      I can’t be the only one that masturbated to American Psycho and Sweeny Todd…

                      I’m not sure if we could be a couple though… We don’t have a celebrity couple name. Marcuma? Bellmarc? Marbell?

                      You and mark have it so easy… Smark… Marksam. If only he was called Mork. Morksam, but pronounced to sound like ‘orcsome’ and awesome.

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                    3. U’ve never had mac and cheese before?!?!?! Omg! That is it! This marriage is annulled before it even began! The most delicious… succulent… savory… food ever and you never had it?!?!? That’s just soo….unsouthern! I may put up with your inability to last longer than 30 secs in bed, and your teeth might crack when you chew, and your bowels might be backed up from sea to shining sea but that is unforgivable!

                      Hahaha. 😜

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                    4. It’s pasta with cheese put on it? Isn’t it? Lol

                      When I was an apprentice, I used to make pasta, with heaps of cheese, but it was always after I’d made a sauce for it.

                      And I can’t last lonfer than 30 seconds?!? Gurrrrl, my Tumblr has plenty of proof that your wrong there. 😛

                      Although sometimes I wish it were true. Like when you’re reading a story, and want to cum at the right time, but you’re still about 10 minutes away from blowing.

                      Or when the dude you’re hooking up with in the sauna has been stalking you for an hour, and you’re trying to bang his friend, but he’s the anal-based gate keeper.

                      Or when you’re getting bad head from one of those new twinky-homo kids that insist on wearing 20 rings on each hand that slice your balls up like Edward scissor hands…

                      You’re a southerner? Where are you from?

                      I’m a southerner too!

                      And you were right about being backed up with cracked teeth :p

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                    5. Yeah you’re right it’s pasta with cheese.

                      Really? Everybody gather up. We got to find that tumblr! 😲

                      I am a beautiful southern belle born in raised in the beautiful state of Georgia. Haha.

                      Haha, I didn’t know. I chose the bowel movement part from your previous answer and for the cracked teeth part when you chew I actually meant your jaw cracks as in you’re old. Just to clarify those all came from thin air not actual insults. XD

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                    6. I’m from Southern Victoria, and my surname is Belle… Can I be a southern Belle too? 😛

                      And I wouldn’t mind if they were insults lol. Nothing like tearing a bloke down before you rip him up. 😉

                      I’m gonna google about Georgie to see where I’ll be moving. 😉

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                    7. Marcus put up a beautiful picture of his area before. You’ll love it. Plus you know your accent will have people dropping their knickers for you, and you’ll be nude with all the southern accents. Winning all round.

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                    8. Trying to think of what I’ll need to pack, but the jumbo lube should be enough. 😛

                      Im downloading Georgia Rule, since it popped up in Google’s predictive thing.

                      No idea if it’s settled in Georgia, but it has Lindsay Lohan and Jane Fonda. #winning.

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                    9. I want to move in just so I can sit back and watch you two!! It would be better than the Golden Girls watching you both fighting and fucking every day!!

                      And what the heck is a Tim tam??

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                    10. Ok just found Tim tams online. Yes Belly, you definitely need to bring some!! Those look so good! Since I don’t cook, like ever, I’m always on the prowl for something good to try. Those look yummy!

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                    11. I second what Oke said! I love chocolate. You’re gonna need two suitcases. One filled with those Tim tams for me…and whatever you’re gonna bring. I would suggest sunscreen as it’s hot as hell here right now and I don’t need roasted ass and dick smelling up my apartment. I like to keep the place smelling of lavender and vanilla. haha XD

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                    12. Timtams are the bee’s knees! If you have a hot tea, you can bite the ends off the Tim Tam and use it as a straw, making the chocolatey goodness melt in your mouth. The white chocolate ones are amazingly good too! They taste like diabetes!

                      And Oke, you can watch whenever you want. 😉

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  5. Sam I love this chapter. Its so sweet. It took away any bad feelings about Will away from me. Wyatt and Spence are good together. One of my soap operas has a character named Wyatt Spencer on it. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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