86 thoughts on “What Pet should Blue have

  1. My dog looks exactly or near exact like the one Mark Oz posted except he is all dark chocolate lab coloring and white belly and no tan color but same everything else as Mark Oz’s dog! They could be brothers!

    That is the perfect dog for Blue🐾🐶❤️🐾❤️😍

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  2. How “cutsie” do you want to get with the name? Cheesecake? Cookie Dough? Phoenix? Blaze? Hippie? Yoga? Spot? Socks?

    Come on people let’s think of a good name so Blue can get his dog 🐶


        1. My reservation isn’t until 9. Am about to eat my own arm. But being sat night not sure I can deal with anything else. It’ll end up being panda express soon, at least that would save me some cash,


      1. I mean, legitimately, he can’t take care of himself at all, he’s unintentionally letting other people fuck with his relationship because they’re jealous of what he has with someone else, even though Gervais waited for him, went looking for him, has been there, never tried to be malicious, tried to take the load of him, and still need blue more than anyone. Fuck Will, he moved on once, he’ll do it again, fuck birch, he was never right for blue.

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      2. Get him a basset hound and name him flopsy or a bunny they are adorable I had four. Goats are good pets. Cats are too high maintenance for blue. Maybe a goldfish named bubbles! Now I’m thinking about good things and happy!

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            1. How about a turtle named Cunt Features.

              It could be the mascot of the apartment building they’re buying… Which I picture like the hotel from the Shining. Evil twins and elevators of blood.


                    1. Well it started out when I made this forum on Gay Authors about Never Have I Ever and then we got into a discussion over Game of Thrones and then 568 texts later I asked him to be my BF. Literally like thirty minutes ago. He’s funny we are compatible sexually. The only thing is he lives in Kansas City but I’m gonna try and get out there before the end of the year. His name is Tim and he calls me his sweet lion. He’s my cuddly tiger

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  3. I hope it’s a Rescue Dog regardless of the breed. So many out there waiting for adoption. With a name like Blue….I suspect he would name a dog something like Spot or even Dog or Pup lol. Something very practical. He’s only creative in the kitchen lol.😂😁

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            1. That would be perfect. I could picture Blue and his Lab out on the lake fishing. When the dog gets bored he jumps in th lake and paddles around until B hauls him back in the boat. Ideal.

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