The suite saga 89


Blue wakes up late on Saturday alone and horny. He hoped to find someone last night but the problem with going to clubs with Gervais and Spence and DeShawn is everyone else doesn’t measure up. Theoretically he wants to try other types of guys but as he’s had some great men in his bed it is hard to adjust his expectations. Fuck it would only have been one night and his heavy balls are wishing he’s just grabbed anyone.


He goes back to sleep not wanting to deal with packing his shit up again. He’s happy enough to be sharing with Robin again but he was enjoying having his own space. It has really helped to be able to decompress when he needs to and he had been looking forward to bringing guys back.


He contemplates asking Andy to stay where he is but knows that is unfair to Robin who also likes having his space. Fucking George fucking it up. No fuck Gervais for dumping him and causing all of this.


He wakes again even more horny takes a shower and starts to look through his apps. Might as well use his room while he can Blue smiles to himself. He matches with a cute guy and after a few messages agree to meet at a coffee place on campus.


He can’t believe it was quite so easy. He checks himself over, grabs some condoms and cash and steps out the door.


Someone not from the suite is waiting for the elevator which surprises him because they’d not seen anyone going in to the other suite on the floor.


“Hey its you.” The guy says.


“Oh wow that’s weird. You want to come to mine for coffee? Save us getting cold.” Blue suggests.


“We can go to mine, I have the place to myself right now. But I have no beverages.” The guy says.


“I’ll make some and mine and bring it over. How do you take it?” Blue asks.


“Loads of cream and sugar.” The guy says.


“Cool.. I’m Blue.” Blue says holding out his hand.


“Justin.” Justin says shaking.


Blue fills two thermal cups and grabs some cookies and goes next door, Justin has left the door open.


“How come you’re all alone here?” Blue asks.


“I’m just back from a semester in Italy. The guys I’m sharing with have also done a semester abroad but they are all drama students and they have to stay extra time because finals for the semester they did were later. Or that’s what I’ve been told.” Justin says.


“Oh right. You’re the first to get this suite, it wasn’t ready in August. Can I look round?” Blue asks.


“Sure. Is it true your suite has its own gym? I heard a rumor.” Justin says.


“Yeah well kind of DeShawn has like his own suite within the suite with a gym and fancy bathroom with steam room. He gets whatever he wants. He’s not a dick about it but sometimes its weird. Like he never has to worry about getting the classes he wants or anything. It’s weird your roommates are not in the arts dorm. I dated a dancer last year and the setup over there was pretty great.” Blue says.


“I dunno maybe it’s full. This is the best place I’ve ever had. I can’t wait til its warm enough for the pool.” Justin says.


“I have a key if you want to go up anytime.” Blue says.


“A benefit of DeShawn?” Justin asks.


“I guess so. I thought it was because I was usually the first up there every day. But probably DeShawn asked for it for me.” Blue laughs.


“You’re cuter than your picture.” Justin says.


“You too, taller than I expected.” Blue says checking Justin out remembering why he’s there. He puts down his undrunk coffee and smiles.


“I kinda like you, I’d like to hang out but I am really fucking horny.” Justin says.


“Me too. I went out last night and didn’t take advantage of opportunities so woke up needing cock.” Blue says with a grin.


They’ve barely started when Justin cums. He’s totally unembarrassed and just goes ahead and gives Blue great head.


“Man its been a while.” Justin says after.


“It was fun.” Blue says a little disappointed but happy to have gone through with it. Justin is cute but he wouldn’t want to try again.


“Wanna go get some food?” Justin asks.


“Uh I think I’m going to go for a run.” Blue says surprising himself.


“Well if you’re at a loose end later stop by.” Justin says.


“We have a group dinner on Sundays, tomorrow it’s just take out but if you fancy getting to know your neighbors stop by.” Blue says.


“Cool I’d love to, what time?” Justin asks.


“Around 4.” Blue says with a smile, grabs the coffee cups and heads back.


“What’s up?” Gervais asks as Blue is 0


“Not the weekend I wanted. Going for a run.” Blue says.


“It’s snowing.” Gervais says.


“Don’t care. You okay?” Blue asks.


“Yeah just forgot how lonely being single can be. I feel shit asking you guys to do stuff when I’ve not been around much because of Chris.” Gervais says.


“You didn’t disappear like some people.” Blue says.


“Want to go to a movie later?” Gervais asks.


“I need to pack my stuff up again.” Blue says.


“You sound pissed about it.” Gervais says.


“Yeah I know it’s the right thing to do but I’m feeling resentful that I only got a single for a few days.” Blue says.


“Not really fair that George gets one after being an asshole. Me too really.” Gervais says.


“Not fair to make anyone share with either of you.” Blue says.


“Fuck you.” Gervais says playfully.


“I’m just feeling down is all.” Blue says.


“I thought things were going better.” Gervais says.


“What not speaking to either of my siblings. No more contact from my bio dad. Momma and I are doing better but I basically make her sick and we’re never going to be close again. I’m single and I fucking hate this winter weather.” Blue rants.


“I guess better was the wrong phrase. Things are more resolved.” Gervais says.


“Nah its just different shit.” Blue says.


“Hey boys.” Andy says coming in cheerful in last nights clothes.


“”Who put a smile on your face?” Gervais.


“The delightful Birch was delightful.” Andy smiles.


“Of course he was.” Blue says angry.


“You might have seen him first but you don’t own him.” Andy says.


“I know. I am just so sick of doing the right thing and being such a fucking loser.” Blue says the last few weeks have caught up on him and he just can’t see straight.


“The right thing? Like fuck you do. You fucked Spence within seconds of our breakup. You had sex DeShawn who was dating two of your friends and you had sex with your brother’s boyfriend. T is a long time since you did the right thing. Maybe you’re a loser because you’re just a scummy loser.” Andy shouts and Blue heads out the door.


“What was that for?” Gervais asks shocked.


“He paints himself as perfect, won’t consider me because I cheated on Spence but is behaving just as bad. Worse.” Andy says.


“He’s having a shit time Andy. I know you are too but you saw how Clara was over break, on top of what we did to him, never mind Chris and Bea. Everyone is shitting on him and he’s breaking again. He’s putting on a tough shell but its cracking. The room situation and now you fucking his crush is just too much on top of the rest.” Gervais says.


“Blue isn’t Birch’s type and Blue has said they’re just friends. I didn’t do anything wrong and what is wrong with the rooms?” Andy asks.


“Blue wants a single but knows the solution we have is the right one.” Gervais says.


“He offered.” Andy shrugs tired of Blue playing the victim.


“He knows that. He regrets jumping in to fix things like he always does. You know he rarely thinks of himself unlike us. Calling him on his shit wasn’t fair. Not right now. We’ve both done a lot worse and we get what we want more than he does.” Gervais says.


“I am sick of apologizing.” Andy grumbles.


“When did you actually say sorry for fucking up his break?” Gervais asks.


“He fucked Spence.” Andy shouts.


“You’re a dick.” Gervais says and heads out for lunch.


The next day Spence orders food in for dinner and Blue bakes a pan of brownies. He lets Justin in dead on 4 and introduces him to everyone. He opens the door to Birch and Willow and makes an excuse that he needs to get something from downstairs and heads out the door.


The rest tuck into their food. Everyone is quizzing Justin, excited to have a new neighbor and that there are more coming soon.


DeShawn talks about his game the night before and Blue is barely missed until a new guy comes through the door.


“Hey I’m Antonio. I’m moving in today.” Antonio says looking tired but cute.


“Are your friends here too? I best get home to meet them.” Justin says heading for the door.


“Are you meant to be in a shared room?” Spence asks.


“Yeah. I was due to be in a different dorm but got notified last minute I’d be here. Bit weird my classmates being next door and me here but I guess some shuffling has gone on.” Antonio says.


“We’ll need to juggle rooms. We didn’t think we would have a replacement as classes had started.” Andy says scratching his head, annoyed they only just moved that morning.


“Where is Blue?” Spence asks.


“I’ll call him.” Gervais says.


“Hey Antonio I’m DeShawn. These imbiciles are too dumb to remember their manners.” DeShawn laughs and everyone makes introductions.


“We best go and leave you to your bonding.” Willow says.


“Say bye to Blue from us.” Birch says. Andy moves to the door but is too slow to get a kiss goodbye and sighs. Ah well it was a fun one night stand.


“That was weird that Blue just left.” Willow says as they wait for the elevator.


“Kinda rude.” Birch says.


“Maybe he just got held up talking to someone.” Willow says.


“Maybe. I missed him. The brownies were good.” Birch says.


The elevator opens and Blue gets out.


“Hey sorry to disappear on you.” Blue says.


“More food for us.” Willow smiles.


“Hey that national geographic photo exhibit opens this week. Want to go?” Birch asks.


“I’d love to. Wednesday?” Blue asks.


“I’ll text you details.” Birch says.


“See you then and sorry again.” Blue says without giving an explanation.


“You okay?” Spence and Gervais say in unison either side of Blue as he walks in. Blue shrugs.


+ “This is Antonio. Or new suitemate.” Robin says.


“So where are you wanting me to move?” Blue asks.


“It makes sense if I just go back in with Spence then Antonio can have my room and doesn’t have to share with a stranger and that’s only one move.” George says.


“No.” Andy says.


“I’m happy to share, I’d rather not share a bed though.” Antonio says with a grin.


“Justin said you guys were drama students. I dated a dancer last year and he was in rehearsals til late most nights. Is it the same for you?” Blue asks.


“Yeah our course is full on, early til late almost every day.” Antonio says.


“So why don’t you and Spence share in the single bed room. As you both have the same sort of timetable. Gervais and I could share the double.” Blue says.


“No.” Andy says.


“I offered.” Blue says as a knock happens at the door.


“It was a good idea, we both need quiet time.” Gervais says quietly as all the guys from next door come in.


“I’d share with Spence but that would set George off.” Blue says.


“The guys are suggesting I swap with Antonio so they can call be together.” Justin says as the others introduce themselves.


“Fuck that.” Blue mutters.


“Guys you have really put me on the spot here.” Antonio says clearly not happy.


“Dylan can I take your room again?” Blue asks.


“Sure. You okay?” Dylan asks.


“I want my own room and I am sick of all the moving round. I’m sick of Andy dictating who goes where.” Blue says.


“You want to do it now?” Dylan asks.


“Yeah. I didn’t unpack yet.” Blue says.


“Come on lets leave them to it.” Dylan says grabbing DeShawn.


“What’s going on?” Gervais asks in the doorway.


“I’m going to take Dylan’s room again.” Blue says.


“Okay. Do you need a hand?” Gervais asks.


“We’ve got it, you sort out the room stuff, leave us out of it. I cannot deal with those guys.” DeShawn says.


“What’s happening?” Spence asks.


“He’s taking Dylan’s room. I’d ask him to stay but this rift with Andy isn’t doing him any good he needs some space.” Gervais says.


“He and Andy on the outs again?” Spence asks.


“Andy slept with Birch and Blue went off at him and Andy was pretty cruel back. It was both their faults but as far as I know Andy still hasn’t apologized for the fuck ups over break.” Gervais says.


“He was a dick to sleep with Birch.” Spence say shaking his head.


“They’re not dating.” Gervais says.


“No but Blue needs a friend outside of our drama and Willow and Birch looked to be fitting the bill.” Spence says.


“Now that me and Chris are done Blue and I are doing okay and you two are too.” Gervais says.


“Are you two going to help or what?” Andy asks.


“I don’t mind who lives here. I’m staying in my room and that’s that.” Gervais says with a shrug.


“What about Blue?” Robin asks.


“He’s moving over to Dylan’s room. So it’s just a case of who shares with Robin or maybe Andy can share if Antonio or Justin want a gay roommate.” Spence says.


“I think I want to stay here. I just looked at the other suite and this is much bigger and has a better kitchen.” Antonio says.


“That’s cool. I didn’t want to pack up. I like my room.” Justin says and his roommates look uncomfortable but they all leave.


“So are you okay sharing with me?” Robin asks.


“For sure. Like I said to Blue my course is pretty full on. I am so glad you guys hesitated about swapping me with Justin. This place is amazing, you have great couches and the TV and these daybeds making me feel less worried about being sexiled.” Antonio says.


“I am off women for now, they all crazy.” Robin says laughing.


Gervais messages Blue to tell him he can come back whenever he’s ready and lets him know Antonio is the one who is staying.

Blue enjoys a deep sleep. He wishes he’s stayed over here and not gone back to the suite. Now it’ll be easier to find other guys as long as they are better than Justin and he won’t keep slipping into his friend’s beds and won’t have to deal with Andy.

He goes to hot yoga with Willow and Gervais, both comment on how much better he looks.


“I needed a break from the drama. I can’t go a week without getting in a fight with someone. I just needed some space.” Blue says.


“I think we should have dinner later.” Gervais says.


“Yeah I’d like that.” Blue smiles and Gervais unclenches, Blue is fine and taking care of himself.


“You put a lot of pressure of yourself. You can’t all always get along.” Willow says.


“I know. I think my sleeping with everyone in the last few weeks hasn’t helped. I should never have had sex with Andy it just wrecked things between us and then I went back and did it again.” Blue says amazed with himself.


“Such a slut.” Gervais laughs.


Blue walks along to his first class with a spring in his step. He is feeling positive for once that a change of scene is what he needs.


He’s about to open the door to the class room when he’s stopped.


“Blue I’m afraid you need to come with me. There have been academic allegations made against you.” The dean says.

“Fucking Chris.” Blue mutters under his breath and follows the dean.

50 thoughts on “The suite saga 89

  1. The guys agree with me it was extremely bad form for Andy to have sex with Birch. Andy knew how much Blue liked Birch and did it anyway.

    As usual Gervais and Spence have his back and surprise surprise Andy still has not apologised starting to think of that self absorbed asshole ever will.


      1. Depends how long he will be delusional that he did nothing wrong for. At this point Robin, spence and Gervais have got upset at him over his treatment of Blue.

        Btw I have noticed Gervais and Andy have had little interaction is thus a case of Gervais still being pissed that Andy destroyed Blue’s vineyard idea?


            1. Mostly its me being a bit shit trying to remember who has had a conversation this week. Andy and Gervais were united in breaking up Blue and George but not so much since then.


    1. switch the names of anyoune you choose and it would happen. that is the stigma and reality of the gay social life. its almist always just about sex…what a shame.


  2. best he stays out for a while and best for Andy to get his act together. Can’t the drama get one of the others as Blue is THE DRAMA QUEEN and the others are rapidly his minions.


      1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha woo hoo!!! Gervais finding out how much it hurts to have someone you love move on to someone else would be great!! I think he’s worth saving, and sometimes the best lessons are the ones hardest to go through. I think Gervais needs to finally see how badly he hurt Blue by being such a selfish prick. Who knows, once he gets that lesson, he may one day actually be a good boyfriend for Blue.

        And Andy The Arse….karma needs to bite his ass too. And if we can point karma towards another, she needs to give Chris and Bea a really LARGE bite in the ass!!! And then our friend George……karma needs to hold him down and make him her bitch!! Haha

        Spence and Robin are both being really nice and supportive for Blue. I hope they don’t get anything really bad throw their way.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. So why introduce Antonio? And the room situation is already confusing? Just how big is this suite that all these guys can live ava another move in?


    1. Jesse and Elliot moved out. Its a big suite 2 doubles and 3 singles and DeShawns palace. Sorry for another confusing room situation. Right now spence has a double to himself. Antonio and Robin are sharing, George, Gervais and Andy have the singles and Blue moved out again.


        1. Yeah for now. I know we talked of exploring Elliot’s backstory but I’m not feeling it right now. I wanted one couple to stay together but they’re no use to the main story. I think Andy or Gervais might visit them now and then and they’ll probably come back to sunday dinners at some point.


  4. I never knew a roomful of gay guys can create this much drama lol. It’s like living in the Big Brother house or Jersey Shore haha. Come on guys, just have sex and say I’m sorry and get along with each other already. And why does Gervais always end up where Blue is? He needs to take a long trip somewhere.

    And Andy is just a horny guy. I think he fucked Birch on purpose to get back at Blue, but also he just can’t keep it in his pants. He’s addicted to dick. I wonder how long George will keep hanging on? I would like to see him on a slow boat to China and just be gone ha.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. i don’t see Birch wanting anything from Andy other than his big dick. He didn’t even acknowledge Andy at dinner. He got what he wanted from Andy and that’s it. I think Birch is going about it the right way. He’s not going to invest much into anyone right now after his breakup. Blue needs to follow his lead. I think Birch was more the one using Andy, as opposed to Andy using him. Birch needed a big dick and a hot guy to work off some energy and Andy was there at the right place and time. I don’t see that going any further at all.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No. Andy fucked Birch because he’s an insensitive twatwaffle that thinks with his dick. Not to take him off the table for Blue. Not to get back at Blue for doing Spence. Just because he wanted to get laid and Birch was convenient.

        Rubbing it in Blue’s face though … that was Andy taking advantage of the fact that he’s basically being a douchenozzle and twisting the knife. He didn’t have to say who he was with, he did that just to hurt Blue.


      3. Lol. My staff are irritating me today being drama llamas so that’s probably coloring my perception today.

        That said, I’m also really irritated with Andy’s lack of personal responsibility. He still hasn’t really apologized for what happened over break or for encouraging the whole break Blue and George up debacle. Then he goes to Blue basically with a “mine turn next” attitude and is pissed when Blue calls him in his shit. Could Blue have been nicer about shooting Andy down? Yes. Would Andy have taken the hint if Blue was nicer? Probably not. Andy is also playing schoolyard bully with his “if I can’t have it nobody can” suite sleeping arrangement demands.

        I stand by my statement that right now he’s basically a twatwaffle that thinks with his dick. Perhaps he’ll check his attitude and come around.


        1. I don’t think you’re wrong. The lack of proper apology is grating. How hard would it be to take Blue for a nice dinner? With the bonus it would have shown Blue what he could get as a boyfriend in Andy. But he’s just being a childish arse.


              1. It almost seems he dropped Blue out of resentment that Blue was not there to mollycoddle his emotions about his mother yet ignores the fact that Blue was putting up with his own family dramas at the time.

                I remember in one of the chapters towards the end of Blue and George is relationship it was stated Andy wants to talk to someone about his mother but Blue is unavailable or something along those lines so makes me think is there resentment at play here because for once Blue was focusing on himself and not catering to Andy’s every need

                Liked by 1 person

      4. I think so since blue seems to be using reasons like who has wronged him as reasons not to pursue future relationships with guys lately.

        Andy does seem to have his nose out of joint for Blue turning him down so better way to get back at him than to take Birch off the table and glut about it afterwards.


  5. Damn my money is on George or Chris maybe both they’re both slimeballs he’ll for all we know they could’ve been screwing each other the whole time. Andy is a douche. Can’t wait for more drama. Lot more interesting than my soap operas.


    1. Surprising they would go the academic route. That’s so easily proven, it won’t be an issue for Blue for long. But it’s probably just trying to mess with his head more than anything. Someone really doesn’t like Blue. I’m beginning to wonder just how far Andy is willing to go to fuck up things for Blue. Maybe he’s not as good a friend down deep as I had thought. Could he be that vindictive?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As seen by my rants in recent chapters I am dirty on Andy and yes Andy is a terrible friend and due to his selfish nature would make a disastrous boyfriend for Blue.


        1. Exactly so not sure if he would have the means to perform hacking to get Blue in shit academically.

          While George and his friends especially would and we have seen George is quite vindictive.

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh no neighbor Joe! Hopefully Blue is able to resolve the academic dishonesty thing quickly. Blue automatically assumes it’s Chris’s doing but depending on what going on it could have just as easily been George and his band of hackers. I could see him being a vindictive shit and trying to screw with Blue.

    These boys are bigger drama llamas than a gaggle of teenage girls. Spence had it right that Blue needed a friend outside the suite drama and Andy hooking up with Birch killed that. However, there’s still Will and they can be each other’s GBFs.

    Please don’t keep us hanging too long!


      1. True, and she is the vindictive type. If she can’t get directly at Clara going after Blue is the next best choice.


          1. Time for Andy to be faced with drama or karma maybe then he will realise how selfish he has been.

            Spence and Robin are important for Blue at the moment don’t do anything to distance them from Blue lol


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